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About Cameron Peters Lighting

Imagine that ten years ago you were running an interior design consultancy that specialized in luxury residences and hospitality projects. 

One day, you select some team members who you know to be passionate about lighting and say to them, “OK guys  [for that is how people spoke back then], here is a million pounds. From now on, you will do nothing but specify, buy and sell fine decorative lighting. You will go to all the key trade fairs and you will visit the suppliers, so that you get to know them, and their collections, really well. 

“By opening showrooms, you will get intimate, literally hands-on experience of with the widest variety of the finest European branded lighting. 

“By working with interior designers all day every day, you will understand what causes difficulties and confusion, You will help them find the luminaires that suit their project, timescale and budget, and you can further prevent things going wrong by also managing the process of purchasing and delivering.

“Ultimately, you will be recognized as the world’s leading experts in the field (because no-one else will have had the opportunity that I am giving you), so you will be asked to lecture on lighting, work with authors of books and articles about lighting, and be consulted by the industry on trends, the market and best practice.” 

Reader, we are that team. Cameron Peters Fine Lighting is the world's only consultancy dedicated to supporting interior and lighting designers when they are specifying top quality decorative lighting. 

We save them massive amounts of time (and therefore money) and, at every step, prevent things going wrong (thus protecting their relationship with their client). The manufacturer benefits from the same advantages, and knows that projects will be professionally handled by dedicated contract decorative lighting specialists, reducing pressure on their export departments.  

Oh, and we don’t cost you a million pounds – we are free! You pay no more for lights bought through us.