About Emmemobili

Emmemobili is a family oriented company, currently being run by the fourth generation of the Tagliabue family. Founded in 1879 in Cantù in the province of Como, the company manufactured the highest quality wooden products and sleek home accessories.

Emmemobili does not consider wood to be a valueless raw material, but instead a way of expressing personality, a lifestyle and environmental consciousness. The company believes there is a true difference between apparent quality and true quality. The latter is the story behind the pieces, the inspiration and the driving force of the brand. each piece is tested against aesthetic, functional and environmental standards. There is a sense of well-being derived from surrounding yourself with such quality controlled pieces of furniture, and such additions to your home will give it character, and provide harmony within your living space.

Emmemobili stands by their goal, to create products that will improve the quality of life of their clientele.

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