About La Cornue

In a world where automated, instantaneous and ephemeral production reign supreme, La Cornue cultivates ardour, slowness and durability. For us, technological innovations are surrendered to craftsmanship. It is not about replacing a person; it is about catering to his talents. We believe the expertise of our craftsmen is worth more than the performance of a machine. Love for a job well done has no price.

Our customers would be satisfied with nothing less. Every Château range is an original, individually numbered by the La Cornue craftsman who created it. Your Château will be manufactured as a single unit, exclusively to order, assembled by one craftsman. This person will take as long he must to make it unique. This is why the great and good wait patiently for what will be their ultimate pleasure.

We rise to the challenge of fitting any kitchen, respecting the constraints of an historic building or innovating in a futuristic architectural space.

Whether a simple range or a bespoke kitchen designed by La Cornue, the result must be the pride of the owner and also satisfy our own self-worth. The kitchens we have designed speak for themselves. They are our greatest emissaries.