Phillips & Wood

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About Phillips & Wood

This new range of lighting was born from the partnership formed by Joanna Wood and John Phillips.

Joanna, an award-winning London based international designer, has used her broad and intimate knowledge of interiors to influence her team in the conception of much of the lighting and furniture range, while being sure to use only those designs which complement and lead current trends. Other designs are the creations of various members of the Phillips & Wood team and can even evolve as an organic process influenced greatly by the practicalities of any given situation. Necessity is often the mother of invention.

John owns a Decorative antiques outlet, and has an extensive knowledge of the decorative arts and crafts, both historic and current. This experience has been paramount in establishing the trust of our regular clients and in developing the workshop into a professional and efficient organisation.

Both John and Joanna have scoured the markets worldwide to find examples of lanterns and other lighting from the 18th century to the 1960‘s and 70’s, adapting them to include a modern slant and creating entirely new designs using the talents of both the Phillips & Wood and Joanna Trading design teams.