Potocco Spa

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About Potocco Spa

Custom-made and quality products manufactured for custom design projects, that’s what Potocco SpA is now, a problem solver company able to give substance to the ideas of designers and architects from all over the world, and a great brand of original furniture creations completely made in Italy.

The business history of the Potocco family begins in 1919, when Domenico, grandfather of the present sole director Antonino Potocco, set up a small workshop to manufacture chairs. Nowadays, Potocco is an important international brand in the field of made-in-Italy furniture production and contract.

A company firmly tied to the Chair Triangle of Manzano, in the province of Udine, which, thanks to a completely internal production and to the experience of its skilled local workers, achieves now 96% of its sales volume abroad, thus representing a real ambassador of Italian design in the world.

In fact, since many years Potocco provides its top of the range furnishings to the most important brands in the marine, luxury, fashion, clock-making and retail sector, creating together with the customer some real concept stores. Potocco is becoming a more and more favourite brand as product design, manufacture, commercialization and industrialization merge with quality and service, while the high technology of the plants allows a considerable flexibility in production.