Tom Faulkner

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About Tom Faulkner

Tom started designing furniture in 1993. His early pieces featured complex and intricate graphic patterns painted onto wooden tabletops, which proved extremely popular. Keen to explore the possibilities of form and shape he began designing tables from scratch, and commissioned a workshop in Wiltshire to make some metal chairs for a display.

This collaboration led to something of an epiphany. Intrigued by metal’s inherent combination of strength and malleability, Tom began to experiment with steel, soon recognising how perfectly it would lend itself to his own design principles. “Metal was a great discovery” he says. “I was immediately seduced by its stylistic possibilities – the fact that you could bend it and twist it into almost any shape you liked – and also by its strength, versatility, and simplicity.” Continuing to work with the same craftsmen, he jumped at the chance to purchase the forge when it came up for sale in 1995, also taking on its two employees. 

From here the business expanded rapidly and soon moved to larger premises on the site of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s railway workshops – a neat twist of fate that brought Tom’s interest in Victorian construction and metalwork full circle. Here, an expert team of welders, painters and artisans craft Tom Faulkner furniture to the highest possible standard, with no compromises on quality or finish. Materials are sourced from the UK where possible, while some of the more rarefied marbles are shipped from Italy.

A showroom in Lots Road, part of south-west London’s renowned Chelsea Design Quarter, now showcases the Tom Faulkner collections, allowing visitors to experience the scale and drama of each piece. They are best viewed up close in order to fully appreciate the exquisite attention to detail, high standards of workmanship, and stunning materials and finishes that are the hallmarks of Tom Faulkner. The showroom staff will be delighted to welcome you there.