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Luxury Interior Designer, Oliver Burns specialises in prime and super-prime property and believes that luxury is an art: the culmination of thoughtful, ethical concepts carefully combined with their distinctive aesthetic to create a unique lifestyle..

We recognise that our clients are often constrained by the demands of a busy international schedule, so we take care of every last bespoke detail. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and intuitive service, limiting ourselves to projects we can personally oversee, so that each one is delivered with love and care.

Thoughtful Luxury

We believe that, luxury should transcend the purely aesthetic and reflect deeper values and meaning. We address these issues in a new approach to super-prime property design and development that we like to term ‘Thoughtful Luxury.’

The concept of Thoughtful Luxury permeates everything we do – from opulent private homes to high profile residential developments. We spare no effort in seeking out the finest materials and finishes which, with utmost skill, we assimilate into high-tech, luxurious homes that harmonise with their context.

Our thoughtful approach to luxury extends to our ethical approach to design and, crucially, to our collaboration with our sophisticated clientele, whose needs and aspirations are reflected in our intuitive designs and transparent approach to project management; right down to our open-book accounting policy.


The Oliver Burns team combines technical and creative expertise designed to address and solve the most demanding requirements of our discerning clientele. We offer clients a comprehensive range of services including development management, architectural design and interior design.

To ensure a fully integrated approach, we manage the project from inception to completion, ensuring best-in-class design and finish. Every project is taken on with enthusiasm and whole-hearted dedication to achieve the very best results for our clients.