A Belgravia Beauty

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This five-storey mews house in Belgravia is probably the best of its kind – and it’s for sale.

As London dream pads go, you might struggle to beat this five-storey mews home in the heart of Belgravia. Newly converted by luxury residential developers Landmass London, the house now teems with covetable features, including a rooftop dining terrace and custom-built kitchen.

But it wasn’t always this way. ‘It was a complete dilapidated wreck,’ says Landmass director Alan Waxman. ‘It hadn’t been lived in for about four years. There was a mouldy carpet, leaking water – the lot.’

‘What we have here is a very rare product. It’s very rare to have a roof terrace in a mews. And location-wise it’s first class – in arguably the best-positioned mews in Belgravia.’

Waxman and his team set about transforming the property, starting with the basics.

‘We spent an awful lot of time looking at the configuration to maximise the space,’ he says, adding that, thanks to a basement conversion, it’s now ‘a Tardis’. The three-bed house now runs over four floors (plus roof terrace), with the master bedroom, dressing room and en-suite taking up the whole first floor. ‘Now it flows very comfortably,’ he says.

Mews houses can be dark, so making sure that light came through the property was another priority. And, thanks to clever design and glass flooring, it now flows from the south-facing roof terrace right down to the basement. ‘The house is quite unique in that if you go in with the lights off, you still have light,’ says Waxman.

With lighting and space requirements covered (‘Unless those two factors are sorted, the rest is a waste of time,’ he says), it was time to perfect the décor. Here, the Landmass interior design team set about creating a neutral yet elegant space. ‘All the walls are painted exactly the same colour,’ says Waxman. ‘Our thought processes are the same as Steve Jobs’s – the simpler you can create something, the bigger the wow factor.’

As you’d expect with a house of this calibre, it’s all about the detail.

‘We have a glass door on the roof with a proper door – not a trap door – so you’ve got comfortable access,’ says Waxman.

Up there you’ll also find mood lighting, outside speakers and a barbecue.

‘Throughout the house everything has been designed bespoke,’ Waxman continues. ‘In the kitchen there’s a remote controlled copper clad fireplace with a television recessed into it.’

Much of the furniture is made-to-measure, too, including sofas that were hand-built in Italy.

‘What we have here is a very rare product,’ he says. ‘It’s very rare to have a roof terrace in a mews. And location-wise it’s first class – in arguably the best-positioned mews in Belgravia.’

This is an impressive home, with an equally impressive price tag. The brochure wards of time-wasters with a stern ‘POA’, but the asking price is £7.5 million. Given the current climate, Waxman expects an international buyer. ‘This may be one of a string of homes they have around the world,’ he says. What else do we know about them? Waxman smiles, saying, ‘They’ll be someone with exquisite taste, who appreciates good design.’

Landmass London – www.landmass.co.uk

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