A Curvy Kitchen in Muswell Hill

by Katie Treggiden in Kitchens

Nicola Peters dreamed of a bespoke kitchen design that wrapped around her. She spends most days at home and loves cooking, so she wanted something really functional. Oh, and she wanted it in pink. Well, two out of three ain’t bad!

North London based kitchen designer, Tim Moss says, “Nicola’s brief was for a traditional kitchen, but brought forward in time. She wanted all the mod cons, but didn’t like the sleek modern style of so many of today’s kitchens.” The old kitchen was a galley style, which had a lot of workspace, but because of wall-hung cupboards, much of it was unusable. The layout also left Nicola carrying pans of boiling water from the hob at one end of the kitchen to the sink at the other , which, with young children underfoot, was getting dangerous. And she hated the pebble-effect flooring.

So she knew what she didn’t want, but what did she want? She saw it as soon as she walked into Tim’s showroom. Tim says, “It was very fortunate that when Nicola came into look at our showroom, the kitchen we have on display perfectly illustrated what she wanted.” Happy she’d found her man, Nicola handed the design process entirely over to Tim. Reassured that he used to be a chef, she left everything, right to to the choice of handles, to Tim.

'Tim says he created a traditionally made kitchen given a very contemporary look by the choice of appliances, handles and the colour.'

The result is an understated timeless kitchen that works, even when Nicola and her children are cooking together – there’s space for everyone and she feels it’s standing the test of time. Discrete Gaggenau appliances add a contemporary look, a wine cooler provides space for husband Philip’s passion and Nicola got the coffee machine she was desperate for. The only compromise was having to forego an instant hot water tap to leave space for a dishwasher, but with an induction hob that boils water in no time at all, it’s a compromise everyone’s happy to have made.

A glass extension floods the space with light and the curved edges mean moving around in the space is easy. Plenty of storage space including a large coat cupboard for all the children’s school things keeps it tidy. A breakfast bar means it’s a room where the whole family can spend time together, instead of Nicola being locked away cooking and then presenting finished meals.

Tim says he created a ” traditionally made kitchen given a very contemporary look by the choice of appliances, handles and the colour.” So what about that pink? Nicola was set on Farrow & Ball’s Smoked Trout or Dead Salmon until Tim sent her home with some colour samples hoping she’d change her mind. He suggested Light Blue by Farrow & Ball instead and that’s what they ended up with. A calm colour that looks green, grey or blue depending on the light, it provides a perfect background to the appliances and creates a restful space that Nicola now loves spending time in.

To find out more about Tim Moss Kitchens visit their sourcebook page

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