An Art-Deco Apartment in Marylebone

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Bryanston Court is a building with pedigree – Wallis Simpson once lived here – so renovating an apartment here was a fascinating project for Base Interior’s Deborah Bass.

Bryanston Court, in Bryanston Square, near Marylebone, is London at its most fabulously London. This 1920s building takes you to a world of uniformed porters and private garden squares, one where the local shop is Selfridges. Wallis Simpson lived here in the 1930s, and the address heads many of her love letters to the King.

This is a building with heritage, and so when Deborah Bass, of Base Interior, was asked to refurbish a 1,500 square foot apartment in the block, she kept that history in mind, creating an art-deco finish that nods to the building’s past, while incorporating a glamorous look that’s entirely modern.

‘A development usually means a lower budget, but in this case they wanted to go all out.’

‘The apartment hadn’t been touched for years,’ she says. ‘There was an old-fashioned space plan, where you had to walk through the kitchen to reach the third bedroom, and so we made the kitchen slightly smaller and created a corridor.’

The décor itself was dated and the wiring didn’t meet regulations, so Base ended up completely gutting the apartment and changing the layout. The company very much brought the apartment into the 21st century, installing air con, underfloor heating and a smart home system that includes Lutron lighting.

The client was a private developer, rather than an individual.

‘A development usually means a lower budget,’ says Bass, ‘but in this case they wanted to go all out. That meant we could use more marbles, silks and satins, whereas materials like that might normally be limited.’

Indeed, the overall effect is one of all-out luxury, with bespoke furnishings from Luisa Peixoto and Tigermoth chandeliers. The deco influences on the apartment are subtle, but striking nonetheless.

‘The art deco look incorporates quite graphic prints, bevelled edges on mirrors and glamorous detailing,’ says Bass. ‘There’s also quite a lot of metalwork, so you’ll find that the door handles are of that style and the furniture has metal inlays.’

She also found fabrics from Zimmer & Rohde that were inspired by the period.

‘That way you’ve got the look in the very heart of the interior without having to source expensive deco furniture,’ she says. ‘Then it runs into the fabric of the building, rather than just being decoration.’

She also brought light into the apartment (‘I’ve been into a lot of these apartments and they’re notoriously dark,’ she says.) Since the sash windows only cover one side of the building, ‘it was a case of drawing the light through the property,’ she says. She achieved this by installing glass sliding doors in the dining room and kitchen.

The apartment is now on the market. For £3.95m, this 3-bed, 3-bath property in prime Marylebone could be yours. Just think – your own slice of history, and Selfridges just down the road.

Bryanston Court is being marketing through Manors London For more information about Base Interior, visit

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