A Fashionable Apartment In Chelsea

by Jennifer Hamilton in Interior designed homes

When Hill House Interiors took on a project to design a two-bedroom bijoux apartment in Chelsea for a woman in her twenties, they found a client with sophisticated tastes for her age.

Well travelled, fashion conscious and with an impressive collection of art (not to mention some great photographs she has taken herself on her travels), there was plenty for Hill House Interiors founders Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves to go on when it came to creating an interior design scheme with lots of personality.

First off, Hill House Interiors had to make a few changes to the layout of the apartment. There was already an en suite bathroom attached to the master bedroom, but the client wanted a guest WC too. To make room for this, the designers removed an existing wall, opening up the kitchen into the living space. This allowed the kitchen to fit into a more compact area, leaving room for the new bathroom. To make the bathroom feel more spacious, the designers created a recess in the wall for the sink.

Another piece of structural work was in the en suite bathroom itself, where Hill House Interiors added glamorous mirrored doors to conceal an unsightly boiler. This created a space that is now used as a laundry area, as well as a storage space for suitcases and cleaning materials.

The client wanted a TV in every room – even the en suite bathroom – so Hill House created a ‘skin’ made of two pieces of plasterboard which cover the traditional brick walls in the bathroom and bedroom. These allowed the TV sets to be inset into the walls for a ‘seamless’ look.

Plenty of storage was a must, too, not least for the client’s fabulous collection of over 60 pairs of Christian Loubiton and Jimmy Choo shoes.

‘This apartment looks effortlessly beautiful and, despite being small, is highly functional and liveable.'

When it came to colour and material choices, Wiess and Bygraves took their cues from the client’s own collection of art works.

‘For example, in the living space, we injected shades of deep red, which pick up on the tones in the two beautiful canvas oils, which we positioned to frame the centrepiece floating fireplace,’ says Bygraves.

In the entrance hall, Hill House Interiors created a gallery of the owner’s own photographs taken in South East Asia, and a wall entirely clad in bevelled mirrors, which twinkle beautifully under the light from a crystal chandelier. ‘This feature not only creates the illusion of space, but also beautifully displays the client’s photographs,’ says Weiss.

Another stand-out feature of the scheme is the kitchen, which has bespoke handmade lacquered cabinets. ‘The kitchen runs into the living space, so we wanted to create something that would look more like beautifully designed couture cabinetry than a kitchen,’ says Bygraves. ‘The exquisite metallic finish of the cabinets works wonderfully, and was created especially for the client.’

Although the scheme is very much a representation of the client’s love of art, fashion and photography, she also asked Weiss and Bygraves to be sensitive to the architecture of the apartment, which is housed in a mansion block just around the corner from the Hill House Interiors showroom. ‘Although she was very fashion conscious, [the client] wanted to be true to the character and style of the property,’ says Bygraves. ‘The space was to have a classic yet contemporary look, with an injection of Hill House elegance, combined with our extreme attention to detail.’

Weiss says that the greatest challenge in fulfilling the client’s brief was to make the compact space flow as smoothly as possible, ‘while also making the client’s wish-list a reality’. For this reason, commissioning bespoke, correctly scaled, furniture was crucial. Examples include fitted wardrobes in the bedroom, bathroom cabinetry, and a letterbox fireplace with built-in wooden cabinets on either side, all of which were carefully designed to make the best use of limited space. ‘This apartment looks effortlessly beautiful and, despite being small, is highly functional and liveable,’ says Weiss.

Hill House Interiors – www.hillhouseinteriors.com

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