A Holland Park Family Home, Perfect For Entertaining

by Charlotte Duckworth in Interior designed homes

Chelsea-based interior design studio, April Russell: The Art of Interiors, was approached with a brief to create a Holland Park home large enough to accommodate a family of eight, with additional space for entertaining.

With a structural build of only six months, small updates were made to add detail, and to bring in a luxurious, open feeling of space and light.

Russell says: “The apartment was very tired. We wanted to modernise the space but, due to time constraints, didn’t have the option of updating the structural layout. Instead we put in a lot of detailing, using a very efficient and skilled team to do so.We modernised the kitchen and bathrooms, put in beautiful arches to break up the long, narrow feel of the corridor, and added stunning mantelpieces for character – everybody has different needs when designing their home. We wanted this one to be special.”

“With personal effects it is easy to make an environment feel cosy, without being last century.”

A top-floor apartment, the space benefitted from an abundance of natural light, becoming the perfect backdrop for a broad selection of artwork.

“As this was the couple’s first home together, we had to incorporate an eclectic mix of their differing personal styles. We did this by splitting different groups of artwork into different areas – bright, contemporary colours in the library, traditional works of art in the dining room.”

“The only room designed around a single piece was the office, which featured a large image of the Hubble Telescope. From this we drew colour schemes, textures and inspiration in regard to the rest of the room.”

Accommodating the varied schedules of eight family members was essential. With the six children often away from home, Russell wanted to create a space both personal and multi-functional. To this end, the office doubled as a library and – when entertaining – a dining area. One of the bedrooms also converted into a large TV room.

An eat-in kitchen was incorporated, and a large entertainment room for the children included to the rear of the property, next to the master bedroom suite.

Russell said: “We like to bring a client’s personality into their home, particularly in London, where the weather doesn’t necessarily suit a contemporary décor. With the cold weather outside, it is nice to have some warmth in the shape of feathers, curved shapes.”

“With personal effects it is easy to make an environment feel cosy, without being last century. This was important to us as it is nice for the client to feel they are at home, and not in a showroom. Our homes are where we come to relax, therefore having personal pieces that remind you of a trip or a moment is very important. That’s what creates a home.”

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