A Regent's Park Townhouse with Eye-Catching Features

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An A-list location and chic, contemporary décor makes this a first-class family home.

When it comes to fantasy homes, a stucco-fronted, Grade II-listed townhouse overlooking Regent’s Park has to be up there with the best of them. And this was what Debra Kacher of DK Interiors was recently asked to remodel. Originally four flats, the house now covers a full five floors. Kacher was asked to concentrate on the ground and basement floors, and turn what had been a disjointed living space into a family home, suitable for her clients and their three teenage children.

‘Previously there had been a tiny kitchen that was shut away from a very big dining room,’ says Kacher. ‘We were looking to create a more harmonious family area and entertaining space. Before, the owner was always having to scream up or down the stairs to her kids. The idea was to make the whole house more conducive to family living.’

The result is a simple, relaxed home that Kacher describes as ‘classic contemporary’. She’s used clean, simple lines and a neutral palette that features striking pops of colour. ‘It’s got richness through colour and texture,’ she says. There’s also a strong emphasis on quality, with beautiful, textured fabrics and fittings. For such an imposing house, it is surprisingly cosy. ‘The client wanted the house to be luxurious but family friendly, and it has an elegance about it as well,’ she says. See tricks of the trade when designing with colour

Many of the home’s features, such as the joinery, fireplaces and coffee tables are bespoke designs by DK Interiors in conjunction with Decorus. When it came to sourcing furnishings, Kacher looked to brands like Ochre and Julian Chichester. Many of those stunning fabrics came from Dedar, an Italian firm that she rates for its richness of colour. ‘The quality is really beautiful,’ she says.

Although Kacher had a generous budget to play with, she made savings by incorporating some of her clients’ existing pieces of furniture, which were either renovated or resprayed. ‘We had the dining table French polished and stained by Pale Amber – they did so many pieces for us,’ she says.

Similarly, the Bulthaup kitchen was the existing kitchen, moved down from upstairs and then added to. ‘We wanted to create warmth, so used natural stone and timber wood,’ she says. ‘The walnut worktop in the kitchen provides warmth and contrast.’ Read expert advice on using natural stone in your kitchen

‘We wanted to create warmth, so used natural stone and timber wood. The walnut worktop in the kitchen provides warmth and contrast.’

When it came to the bathrooms – there are three, plus two cloakrooms – Kacher went to Bibliotheque, where she sourced some striking, almost metallic mosaic tiles. She also used the same natural stone – from Stonell – that was used in the kitchen.

But her favourite part of the house is the new study, with its eye-catching orange wallpaper, from Weizner.

‘It’s so cool,’ says Kacher. ‘It’s actually magnetic, which means no more pin boards.’

It’s elegant yet practical, which perhaps sums up the philosophy of the house. After all, this is a family home, to be used and lived in. ‘While the client wanted luxurious items, they had to be things she could use every day,’ says Kacher. ‘She wanted to feel comfortable using every piece in the house, and that’s what she feels we’ve achieved.’

Photography: Susan Fisher

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