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by Kate Burnett in News & Noteworthy

It’s always fun to visit London – you don’t have to try too hard to find something that will excite at least one of your senses. But it is often the little discoveries rather than the big well-known attractions that can make memories of a visit stand out.

If you admire British craftsmanship, and you’re visiting London this summer, then it might be worth making time to drop into a little garage in Mayfair. At the heart of the city, and yet tucked away just south of Grosvenor Square and east of Park Lane, this is the temporary home of  The New Craftsmen. Here you can find beautifully crafted products, all sourced from the British Isles. And not only can you buy these products, but you can also find out more about what they are made from, who makes them and how, thanks to a series of events and workshops.

New Craftsmen was founded in 2012 by Mark Henderson, Catherine Lock and Natalie Melton. All three have backgrounds in, and experience of, the creative industries here in the UK. Since 2010 they have toured the British Isles meeting and documenting the makers of centuries-old traditional craft, and also talking to innovators who are using these traditional skills in a contemporary way.

The New Craftsmen is the result of these journeys: a network of makers and collaborations that result in a showcase of the finest materials, skills and craft products of the British Isles. New Craftsmen’s mission is to seek out makers and iconic objects that are deeply connected to culture and place, and which represent a contemporary take on specific skills and materials. The company also offers customers a range of services that enable them to customize and develop bespoke pieces.

Among the events this summer is a metal beating workshop for kids – something to add a frisson of excitement to long, hot summer days. Silversmith Ndidi Ekubia will guide children through how to make a spoon or key ring. (Ages 6 and up, parental supervision is required.) New Craftsmen founding partner Catherine Lock will take her audience on a tour of crafts in the British Isles from noon-2pm on Tuesday 23 July and on Saturday 27 July embroidery designer Aimee Betts will be in residence throughout the afternoon, demonstrating and instructing visitors on how to create braided interior accessories and rope-work adornments. For a full list of events, go to the website. Whether you are looking for inspiration to kick-start your own projects or just love to admire beautiful objects, a visit to the Garage is bound to be an exciting discovery.

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