Brighton Rocks

by Becky Hoh in Interior designed homes

AWE and Sound Investment create a high tech, visually exciting lighting scheme for a beachfront home.

This funky three storey home in Brighton had a number of Lighting and Audio and Visual companies working on it to make this contemporary Hove property the cutting edge, eye catching creation it is.

AWE were the go-to distributor for the innovative products and solutions which were specified and installed by Sound Investment.


'Not only does the design of the keypads suit the look of the property, but we have been able to provide the homeowner and his family with a simple to use system.'

AWE are an Epsom based distributor that hold a large number of high quality brands needed for state of the art lighting and AV installations. They supplied the Philips Dynalite lighting control systems used to create all the effects and criteria requested by the client. This includes a pool area that turns into a party zone with multi coloured LEDs, a stairway that is illuminated to provide an impressive feature installation as you enter the building, a family area that has a ‘welcoming’ tone and is also a system easy enough for everyone in the family to use.  Finally it reduces energy waste and electricity bills.

“Opting for a Philips Dynalite system in such a bold and striking property was the obvious choice,” comments Jon Ireland, owner of Sound Investment. “Not only does the design of the keypads suit the look of the property, but we have been able to provide the homeowner and his family with a simple to use system.  After discussing their needs in further detail, we programmed a number of useful settings, including ‘All Off’ and ‘Holiday’ to provide both energy saving and security aspects.”

The lighting system was designed to control seven rooms within the property, including the kitchen, master bedroom, living room, indoor swimming pool, and the exterior of the property. An impressive area within the home is the main atrium which features LED spotlights up and down the five flights of stairs.

Thanks to a number of different lighting features, the main living room which comprises an open-plan kitchen, living room and dining area, has the welcoming factor that was desired. A total of 24 dimmable downlights handle the everyday illumination in the living area of the house. An additional 9 LED downlights were installed beneath kitchen cupboards to light the work surface. Several lengths of LED strip have been fitted for accenting architectural highlights in the ceiling above the kitchen, beneath the modern kitchen units and for illuminating a feature alcove in the living room.

The indoor swimming pool area has been fitted with RGB colour changing LED strips, hidden in the architecture of the convex roof.

To ensure this property benefitted from the energy saving aspect that lighting control can achieve, an ‘All Off’ button was installed near the front door. This allows the homeowner to switch off all lights when the property is vacated.  Sound Investment was able to combine the energy efficiency of this home with the required security. While the ‘All Off’ button also set certain external doors to lock, a ‘Holiday’ mode would provide an impression that someone is at home, when in actual fact they could be thousands of miles away.

This is great example of a high tech house that has the option to be subtle, homely and family orientated but can become a party pad at the flick of a button.

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