Chic New Rug Design

by Katie Treggiden in Bespoke stories

Limited Edition’s rugs are just one great product to emerge from hot design fair Super Brands London.

Super Brands, the interiors trade show for global design brands, took place last week at Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery. Among many highlights were two new products from Belgian rug company ç

Brick is made from tiny brick-shaped leather off-cuts, waste materials from other industries. These are positioned vertically and sewn together. The result is tactile flooring with real depth.

The second rug is called Gypsy and resulted from something of a brainwave on the designers’ part. When Jacquard rugs fell out of favour, the company found itself left with a lot of surplus stock. Rather than throw it away, the designers cut it up, patched it back together and dyed it bold colours. The result is a very modern take on a traditional style.

Plus, it’s great to see even the luxury market embrace the motto ‘re-use and recycle’.

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