Comfort and Luxury Combined in a West London Apartment

by Jamie Mitchell in Interior designed homes

For this west London apartment, interior designer Anna Dodonova says her mission was ‘to deliver exceptional quality, comfort and pure luxury’.

Making the most of limited space, Dodonova, who is head of interior design practice Anna Casa, used sumptuous textures and dramatic lighting, with splashes of colour, and carefully chosen ornaments and sculptures used to create moments of drama in an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

An open-plan living area is decorated in neutral tones with tactile touches from cushions by Fendi Fabrics and a rug by Top Floor. To add character, Dodonova used bold accessories including a dramatic Plong Athletic Sculpture from Anna Casa, which is given pride of place at the centre of the room.

‘I love the neutral colour palette that runs throughout the home,’ says Dodonova. ‘It makes adding bright colours, bold accessories and stand-out art to the rooms really easy: it makes a fantastic base coat to a project.’

The brown leather-upholstered central table and side table in the living areas were chosen to contrast with the softer textured and light-coloured sofa, which comes from Fendi’s Contemporary Collection, and these pieces also bring out the darker shades in the room. A custom-made TV and fireplace unit is finished in leather, wood and matt lacquer, giving what Dodonova calls ‘that extra glam feeling’.


‘We had a lot of fun designing this room and wanted it to have a sense of playfulness with the furniture and objects whilst maintaining a luxurious continuity throughout the apartment.’

Designing the kitchen and dining areas was something of a challenge due to limited space, says Dodonova: ‘The kitchen space was very narrow so we had to make the most of it to ensure there were ample food preparation, cooking and storage areas. We created a feature wall at the back of the room to add character and individuality.

The dining area, which is part of the open-plan living area, features a stunning dark marble table and a show-stopping chandelier by Manooi, which really brings this space to life.’

The master bedroom feels light-filled and spacious despite its sloped roof. A bespoke built-in wardrobe is designed to fit in seamlessly and blend with the room’s mostly neutral colour scheme.

‘The bedroom provides the utmost in comfort and luxury,’ says Dodonova, ‘To retain a contemporary feel in the apartment, we used symmetry and sleek gloss finishes on specific items of furniture in keeping with modern luxury style. We’ve created understated drama by adding a beautiful mirror by Reflex decorated with handmade engravings of clear Murano glass. The bed linen is a rich and textured and the lighting scheme can be changed to suit the desired mood, making it a warm and inviting bedroom.’

Adjoining the master bedroom is a bathroom and dressing room replete with luxurious Dark Emperador marble from Via Arkadia and bespoke joinery by Mark Asplin Whiteley.

Of the second bedroom, Dodonova says: ‘We had a lot of fun designing this room and wanted it to have a sense of playfulness with the furniture and objects whilst maintaining a luxurious continuity throughout the apartment.’

Dodonova chose a blue floor lamp, Abatjour by Baxter, and modern seating, also by Baxter, to give the room a youthful feel. The modern striped blinds are a light, playful touch.

Anna Dodonova is known for her ability to balance comfort and luxury in her design schemes, and here she has managed to create an interior that feels at once spacious and intimate, tasteful yet boldly stylish. As she says herself, balance was the key to this project. ‘I think it works because everything is well balanced, and there isn’t too much of one thing – no overloading on a certain colour or texture, for example. Personally I find it really cosy and can feel a real positive energy surrounding the property.’

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