Design Profile: Simon Cook Agencies

by Kate Burt in Bespoke stories

Before he started his own company, Simon Cook used to find interiors trade fairs frustrating events.

These days he is the agent for some of the world’s most luxury furniture manufacturers, including: the glamorous Italian glass specialists, Reflex Angelo; Busnelli, otherwise known as the family owners of B&B Italia; Lago, the Italian modular design experts, and purveyors of sleek Swiss furniture, de Sede. He also works with high-end stockists, such as UBER and Chaplins.

de Sede DS102

de Sede DS600

Cinova Piumotto bed

And so Simon Cook Agencies was born. Cook formed the company in 2003, and it now has a team of four design experts based in London and Leeds.

But what exactly does an agent do in the world of super-luxe furniture and interior design? “In simple terms,” Cook explains, “we are the middle people between the interior designers, retailers and the factories in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Because those manufacturers – which, as well as those named above, also include Baltus, Cinova, Kymo, Starbay and Creazioni – don’t typically have their own retail outlets in the UK, we exist as a bridge between them and interior designers and architects.”

Cinova Bohemien bed

Some of the brands do have a showroom presence, or are sold in select high-end stores – such as Chaplins which has used the distinctive Busnelli ‘Bohemien’ sofa to advertise its January sale (“a unique, beautifully designed sofa that re-invents the Chesterfield,” says Cook). And the Reflex space inside Harrods is one of the shop’s biggest own-branded sections, Cook explains. “Reflex really offers something very different to other brands,” he adds, “such as their table bases made from solid Murano glass – they are one of the only companies doing anything like that.” As agent for both brands, Cook deals closely with both retailers.


Busnelli Bohemien sofa

He is also closely involved with the retail face of Lago, which has two showrooms in London – which Cook initially helped the firm to establish. “The one in Islington, particularly, as it is the more residential of the two, is stunning – set out like a real home, with a kitchen, a living room, the office and so on,” he says. “The attention to detail is something else – because they don’t just sell the products, they offer a full design service too… I’m not just saying this because I’m biased,” Cook adds, “but they are two of the best showrooms in the UK right now.” Well… he might be a bit biased, but as a man who knows the luxury furniture market like the back of his hand, if anyone would know, Simon Cook would.

If you would like to know more about any of the brands or products featured above, you can contact Simon via the Simon Cook Agencies website

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