Hill House Interiors: Defining a Luxury Palette

by Charlotte Duckworth in Designer style at home

Interior designers have to be flexible with their vision in order to work alongside their clients’ taste and requirements – but if every interior designer could create the same scheme, there would be no way of distinguishing between them.

That’s why when choosing an interior designer, it’s important to understand and feel comfortable with their signature style – also known as their ‘palette’. We chatted to award-winning luxury interior design practice Hill House Interiors about how they would define their individual style.

‘We have built up a great team who can still smile and laugh under pressure, and enjoy coming to work every day’

Having launched 15 years ago, the company has worked on a broad variety of different commissions – from modern mansions in Surrey and London to vast villas in the south of France, restaurants in eastern Europe and stunning properties in Dubai. All of these projects required a different approach and a different look, but they are united by their creators. So what is it exactly that defines a Hill House Interiors design?

‘Impeccable attention to detail and a love for luxurious and innovative materials, combined with couture furniture, is how I would sum up Hill House’s signature style,’ says Helen Bygraves, one of the company’s directors. ‘Our clients love that we are personally involved in every project, and we work together, inspiring each other to create exceptional interiors that surpass the expectations of our clients.’

From a materials-used point of view, the company is dedicated to ensuring the interiors are as much about the physical feel of the elements involved as they are the overall visual appeal.

‘All of our schemes are immensely tactile, and we relish in fusing the diverse textures of different elements: think soft cashmere and luxurious mohair, deliciously juxtaposed with the symmetrical lines of rare stone and custom tinted woods,’ says Helen’s partner Jenny Weiss. Jenny finds inspiration in many places, using things she comes across in everyday life as the starting point for her ideas. ‘Inspiration can come from so many sources – through history and from nature, a piece of vintage jewellery, an intricate embroidery or fretwork, the myriad of colours in one feather,’ she explains.

The designers also include plenty of clever tricks to add depth to their schemes. ‘Mirrors, crushed crystal wallpaper, mother of pearl inlays and mosaic tiling to name but a few, never fail to heighten the ambience of a space,’ Jenny says. ‘And of course this brings us onto the quality of materials, which is of the upmost importance. Anything less than top-drawer elegance simply won’t make the cut.’

This obsession with quality has lead Hill House to recently launch its own line of couture furniture, filling a gap in the market and meeting its clients’ needs. ‘Our own furniture designs are available to order in a stunning selection of finishes,’ explains Helen. ‘Carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials, each piece has been made to ensure unrivalled comfort and longevity.’

Of course, interior design projects are not simply about the fabrics used for the curtains, or the paint colours chosen for the walls. Equally as important is the experience of the process – the service and attention clients receive, and the care and pride of the team responsible for bringing it to life. And it’s this that Jenny and Helen keep at the forefront of their minds.

‘We have built up a great team who can still smile and laugh under pressure, and enjoy coming to work every day,’ says Helen. ‘And that I am very proud of.’


Hill House Interiors – www.hillhouseinteriors.com

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