How To House Your Art Collections

by Charlotte Duckworth in Designer style at home

Housing an art collection in a way that is both elegant and personal can be a challenge – especially if you have eclectic tastes, or are combining your works with that of a partner.

April Russell, of ‘April Russell: The Art of Interiors,’ shares her invaluable advice for displaying artwork within the home.

“Artwork is incredibly personal to the individual, and is a wonderful way of sharing a piece of yourself with the room that you are in. For me, the first rule of being an art collector is to choose pieces that you truly love, and feel you can’t live without. This will make hanging each piece easier, as you will want to see it every day.“

“There are a number of important factors to take into account when considering how best to display your works, especially if you have a large collection, limited space, or are combining your own taste with that of another. Perhaps most importantly, you must always take the entire room into account, in order to create a seamless viewing experience – remember this is your home, not a showroom – and carefully consider the placement of every piece.“

“Something I like to do is to start by laying out each piece according to where they would ideally hang. Doing this allows the opportunity to stand back and reflect upon your choices and, even more importantly, to change your mind. Details that are often overlooked are very important when placing a piece – is the view completely unobstructed? Is the lighting good enough to appreciate the details? Does the art fit with the surrounding décor? If your answer to any of these questions is no, consider a different location. Remember that placement is key – large pieces need a lot of space, while smaller pieces can be hung together.

“In regard to aesthetics, the framing of a canvas can make all the difference. It is worth every penny to get the proportions and design right for a specific piece, and I always recommend choosing a frame that matches the era of the art it is housing, in order for the piece to truly shine.  Lighting is also extremely important – avoid shadows, and ensure there is no glare. If glare is an issue, consider investing in non-reflective glass!

“A fun tip is take a group of black and white family photos and hang them on one wall, choosing simple frames and painting them in a ‘WOW’ colour such as hot pink or bright red –a wonderful, yet simple, way of expressing individuality – something I find to be incredibly important in both artwork and interiors.”

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