How To Make The Most of Decorative Lighting

by Charlotte Duckworth in Designer style at home

Lighting is something that we often take for granted, but it brings together all the other elements of a room and sets the mood and tone.

Adding a central chandelier or an interesting table lamp can completely transform a room – they are the finishing touches that make an interior complete.

Jamie Horton from Harlequin London takes us through some of the most important considerations when choosing lighting for a decorative scheme.

“At Harlequin London we consider lighting to be the ‘jewellery’ of the home.”

'We believe that lighting should actually be one of the first things to consider when starting a project, so much so that we’ve relaunched an area of our Chelsea showroom specifically for luxury lighting!'

Choose from the heart

“First and foremost, a decorative lighting piece should be something that you love, that will make a statement and bring some of your personality to a room. Don’t be afraid to inject an element of fun into your lighting. Lighting trends come and go, but a quality piece that you love will stand the test of time.”

Layer your lighting

“You should never rely on just one piece to light up the whole room – uplights, downlights, lamps and wall sconces all have a part to play. Layering lighting is key to creating different moods within a room, whether you want to make a statement with a chandelier or create a rather more intimate occasion with lamps.”

Pay attention to finishes

“Copper, nickel-plated and silver-plated finishes all reflect light differently and add different impact to a scheme – from classic to contemporary or industrial. Some lighting in our collection also features leather, coral or porcelain so bear all these different finishes in mind if you’re choosing lighting for a certain look.”

Make note of details

“When purchasing glass or crystal pieces, pay attention to the details, such as manufacturer location and if possible ask for a sample prior to purchase. All of our lighting is handmade by artisans or produced in European factories – something which we are extremely proud of!”

Don’t be afraid of colour!

“Subtle flannel grey is always stylish, but colourful single pendants suspended at different levels are also make a scheme fun and interesting. Murano glass companies such as Venini manufacture some wonderful, vibrant colours.”

Think about the whole room as a whole

“Sometimes just one new lighting piece can make a world of difference in a room, just make sure you take care with positioning as the right height and placement is crucial. At Harlequin London we also offer a complimentary design service to match lighting finishes with furniture for a seamless look. The right lighting is essential to ensuring the end result is both cohesive and atmospheric.”

The Harlequin London showroom features 12 illustrious lighting brands, including Saint Louis, Baccarat, Christofle and Venini. The showroom is located in Chelsea and is open by appointment only.

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