Keir Townsend: A Kensington Flat with an Elegant Modern Scheme

by Becky Hoh in Bespoke stories

Kier Townsend maximise the square footage of this Kensington flat with an elegant, modern scheme.

Brompton Interior design studio Kier Townsend was asked to transform a modest 430-square foot, one-bedroom apartment with ensuite bathroom into a luxurious living space combining contemporary touches with an overall classic feel, something that the firm are known for. The project is located in the Bramham Gardens area of London, a place known for its architecture and one of the larger private garden greens from the 1800s.

One of the most contemporary factors the studio applied was to go for an open plan design for the home, by demolishing a dividing wall, creating a combined living and kitchen area, which also served to give a feeling of space. Within this they have created almost all the furniture, including the kitchen cabinetry, on a bespoke basis to ensure it had the slightly oversized style they desired.

‘A common misconception is that the fewer pieces of furniture and features you have in a space – the bigger it looks’, explains one half of the design duo Irina Townsend, who shares the firm with Alistair Kier. ‘In fact the more zones and features you have the more it creates different spaces within one room. It is all about the right size of furniture, the right fabrics and the right lighting.’

With the bijou dimensions, many of the design decisions continued the same vein of maximising the feeling of space.  Other tricks for ‘enlarging’ the small rooms include the choice of materials. Many of the walls have been finished in polished Venetian plaster, which reflects light around and through the home. Both Townsend and Kier have an interest in texture, and sometimes off-beat finishes, so a couple more daring space enhancing choices include antiqued bronze mirror glass splashbacks in the kitchen, and the floor is tiled in textured ceramic tiles designed to look and feel like wood, providing a continuous practical flooring material that runs from the kitchen to the seating zone into the corridor and the bathroom. Again, adding to the free flowing feel that leads you throughout the whole apartment.

The bedroom even features a Stingray skin semi-padded leather floor, to ensure the luxurious sentiment of the place is not forgotten amidst the space enhancing agenda.  The palette in this room is very neutral and simple (despite its luxury finishes), with subtle lighting and the clean lines of the bespoke  storage cabinetry.

Townsend chose LED lighting to dramatically illuminate the basin in the en-suite bathroom, which measures only 1600mm x 1400mm.

The basin itself is made from recycled glass and lit from beneath with warm LEDs to create a stunning effect. The taps are in crystal and the cabinets are all bespoke. Again mirrored surfaces are utilised with reflective silver and antique gold leaf wall tiles. Emperador ceramic tiles were chosen for the mosaic tiles in the shower.

Kier Townsend has demonstrated a great example of creating a small but perfectly formed space, with a grown up feel that has plenty of contemporary charm with interesting materials and touches that also cleverly maximise the limited square footage.

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