Light Fantastic: Fresh And Forward Thinking Lighting Schemes

by Becky Hoh in Designer style at home

The Lighting Design Studio is a young and exciting Battersea based consultancy.

Set up in 2011, founders Bruce Weil and Luke Locke Wheaton have 20 years of experience in the lighting industry and have worked on projects as prestigious, diverse and technical as the London 2012 Olympics and Heathrow Terminal 5 and retail projects with Jaguar, Ferrari and Gordon Ramsey.

All The Lighting Design Studio‘s projects, including residential, they can be involved across the complete spectrum of lighting and lighting design, from designing bespoke luminaires and the design and planning of the lighting schemes itself. Their style is contemporary and modern, keeping the look fresh and engaging but conscious of not being overpowering, in fact much of their approach is centred on the innovation behind the products and scheme and also providing the most energy saving solution.

'We love incorporating hidden details to hide the light source. This can be used to create stunning effects.'

‘Of course our style and approach varies from each project and client but we always try and push the boundaries with new ideas and ways of doing things to keep it interesting and so that the client gets a unique scheme at the end of it,’ explains Weil. ‘We definitely focus on the design and placement of energy efficient light fittings, as well as the best ways to actually harness natural daylight to enhance the lit environment. All the while we aim to be creative with it. The beauty of lighting design is that with a flick of a button it can completely transform a space. With the clever use of controls we are able to totally change the mood of a home, from a loud, colourful space for a party into a soft warm area for intimate evenings in.’

We asked the team to pick their three favourite residential projects to date.

A family house in Primrose Hill

The client was renovating and converting a period Georgian home into a large, modern and spacious family home complete with new basement extension. Working closely with the architects we helped create additional lighting features to the space which helped accentuate and define the clients’ tastes and style. We always try and incorporate new ideas and ways of doing things which help bring new and exciting ideas to the clients’ projects. For the kitchen we used a continuous slot light to create a line of light helping to define and accentuate the kitchen. We used the algorithm from Artemede to do this.

Belsize Park project

We are seeing a lot of projects digging down to extend the square footage and value of their properties. For this Belsize park project we were asked to come up with lighting schemes that would help add additional function to the space. For this particular project the client wanted to use the space for parties, watching movies and working out. A coffer detail was designed which incorporated color change RGB lighting with a second separate high output white LED for training mode.

The client was able to go from an ambient red light for movie fright-nights to a high output white light for training with the touch of a button.

The client liked the effect so much that they incorporated it in to their stairs and landing.

The Kensington Gardens property

This expansive property was located in Kensington Gardens where the client was completely renovating the property throughout. The client had the whole of the ceiling opened up to expose these beautiful high pitched ceilings. It was an ideal opportunity to incorporate a lighting feature into the property structure. In our original concept we had designed a colour K changing light which would change the light from a cool white during the day to a warm white in the evening. In the end this was decided as too complex so a warm white LED was chosen which gave a soft glow to the whole room.

The client commented that she loved the warmth that it gave to the space and the fact that it was incorporated seamlessly meant that we fulfilled the brief and had a very happy client.

We love incorporating hidden details to hide the light source says Weil:  this can be used to create stunning effects.

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