René Dekker Gives a Global Slant To This Surrey Mansion

by Becky Hoh in Interior designed homes

This modern, elegant project in one of the UK’s premier gated communities, St Georges Hill in Surrey, sees award winning international design company René Dekker Design reunited with a client they have worked with many times.

Having successfully completed several other projects for this family, it was only natural that they would call on René Dekker Design once again for the interior fit out of his newly acquired family country house. 

They trusted the team so completely to create a home that reflected their style they asked Dekker to create the plan for the scheme on his own. They approved the plan immediately and their involvement more or less stopped there. And both Dekker and the family are thrilled with the results.

 ‘It’s nestled squarely in the middle of immaculately kept grounds,’ says Dekker of the house itself, ‘the building is like something from an English fairy tale, resembling a modest late Georgian country manor.’

‘This home has no formal reception, because this is occupied by the children’s den, so this room doubles up as both a family and formal area’.

But once through the front door, it feels very much of 2014 and in fact, quite hard to place geographically, giving an almost European feel but with subtle touches from all around the world.

To the right as you enter is the ‘cigar room’ the ethnic sensibilities begin. Some of the client’s artefacts, collected from around the globe, have been given a chance to shine here; A pair of ornate brass Chinese urns occupy the window sills and a Tibetan singing bowl takes pride of place between the armchairs. Fine Japanese silk wallpaper from Altfield with a slight tone of red adds more warmth to the taupe and gold colour palette and a large limited edition sculptural piece of artwork by French artist Jacques Bosser captures a traditional African theme, while a Chinese silk rug from Tai Ping sits on the original oak flooring.

‘The space has clear direction but I wanted the scheme to be subtle,’ Dekker describes. ‘combining all the artistic elements of foreign influence with comfortable English living. Even though the room is inviting and cosy, it contains many ethnic features, it is not traditional.’

There is a Celtic pattern on the sofa fabric by Romo and the central coffee table is a buttoned, leather ottoman, by Woodbrooke.

The client was generally happy with the structure of the house, so none of the bathrooms were touched and neither was the Clive Christian kitchen.

The kitchen area is actually part of the most important part of the house – the Family Room. It occupies at least half of the ground floor, housing a breakfast diner, a space for games and a comfortable seating area. 

‘This home has no formal reception,’ notes Dekker, ‘because this is occupied by the children’s den, so this room doubles up as both a family and formal area’.

The large sofa has scatter cushions in contrasting fabrics and trims from Zimmer & Rohde and the room was given a zing of gold tones but in an elegant form with Porta Romana table lamps. A bespoke ottoman upholstered in bronze leather by Alma, a bronze ‘Man’ standard lamp and the mahogany table and chairs keep the scheme grounded. The entrance hall is a double volume space, dominated by a classical u-shaped ‘swept’ staircase and is perfectly crowned with a contemporary gold chandelier, again by Porta Romana.

Apportioned over the first floor are five bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms. As well as the complete redecoration and furnishing of the upstairs areas, the client requested all new wardrobes throughout. With the help of tear-sheets from the client, Dekker and colleague, Emlyn Conlon, set about designing bespoke joinery for all five bedrooms, realised by Hannah Contracts. Wardrobes had to include drop down hanging rails for the youngest son, bespoke sock and belt drawers, trouser trays and integrated lighting.

The largest of these suites is the master which is made up of a very large bedroom, two en suite bathrooms and a dressing room. The feel here is fresh and light with the off white pearlised wall covering, ivory linen curtains and white shag pile carpet. Centred squarely in the room is a very contemporary sleigh bed, designed by Dekker, in solid walnut frame with an internal upholstered base in greige linen by J Robert Scott.

Down the hall lie two further suites. The beds and bedside tables are both made from a combination of dark stained timber and embossed chocolate leather.

The darker of the two bedrooms has plenty of metallic finishes to lift the room. The bedside lamps, the dressing table lamp, the dressing table mirror and the wall lights have all been sourced from Porta Romana, untilising the range of gold tones it holds.

At the front of the house is the bedroom for the client’s eldest son, although there is an ‘adult’ bed, there is a little fun factor given by the bedside tables from Occa Home, which resemble old steamer trunks.

Added later to the house and on the opposite side to the Breakfast room is the large swimming pool and a sauna. Although this area underwent no major changes, it still fell to the team to add some comfortable seating. As the space was a premium, the ‘Big Dune’ by Vladimir Kagan was used.

Clearly René Dekker has created a new look for this client that is thoughtful and personal to them. It has a very non-clichéd and unique style that you can feel stems from him listening and channeling the lifestyle and likes of the family which will undoubtedly see them working together again.

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