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Few people even think to make a feature of their interior doors. They’re missing a trick, as there are lots of stylish options out there for custom interior doors.

When it comes to decor, doors usually come low on the list of priorities – that’s if they’re given much thought at all. This is a shame, because with a bit of imagination, they can become a key part of your decorating scheme.

Interior designer Louis Henri, known for his elegant residential work, often makes a feature of the doors in his custom-designed homes.

‘I love hidden doors,’ he says. ‘I don’t think there’s a project I haven’t used them on. I like the idea of feeling secluded once you’re in the room. It’s a little bit Narnia.’


‘Working with natural materials is never going to go out of fashion.’

There are a number of ways to achieve the effect. The favoured method – which also has the benefit of being massively practical – is to disguise the wall as a bookshelf. But you can also be more flamboyant.

‘I did one where the whole wall was mirrored,’ says Henri. ‘The door was mirrored and exactly flush with the wall, so the only thing you could see was the handle popping out.’

He’s also covered jib doors with the same hand-painted wallpaper he’s used on the wall, and then run the moulding and skirting in front of the door. That way, when the door is closed, it blends completely with its surroundings.

If hidden doors don’t appeal, there’s always the option of something custom-made. Bespoke doors, say Henri, offer a different level of detail. He once made a made a spectacular door for a guest bathroom in aluminium that was then clad in marble.

‘It added an extra sense of elegance and looked so chic,’ he says. But metal doors, he admits, are expensive. ‘Wood is the most reliable,’ he says. ‘You want something like a beech wood, that’s not affected by heat or humidity. It needs to be something stable that you’d make chairs from.’

Size is another way to make a statement. Large doors add drama, especially to an entrance hall, but there are potential pitfalls to watch out for.

‘The problem with big doors,’ he says, ‘is that you need a big space. If your doors are a metre wide then they’re going to swing a metre into the room. I’ve had rooms where I’ve ordered rugs and then found that I can’t open the door. It’s happened! Not for a long time, but still – you don’t make that mistake again.’

Other options include leather-clad doors, polished-lacquer doors and even bronze doors.

‘Working with natural materials is never going to go out of fashion,’ says Henri. But if you just want to dip your toe in the water, you can try being adventurous with your door furniture. ‘For a modern apartment, it would be fun to do something interesting, like oversized door handles,’ he says. ‘It’s quite a costly thing, but the options are endless.’


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