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Lighting Design

Brighton Rocks

AWE and Sound Investment designed and installed a creative audio-visual system for this stunning Hove home

AWE and Sound Investment create a high tech, visually exciting lighting scheme for a beachfront home. Read More »

Light Fantastic: Fresh And Forward Thinking Lighting Schemes

The Lighting Design Studio has worked on many prestigious comercial and domestic projects

The Lighting Design Studio is a young and exciting Battersea based consultancy Read More »

Beautiful Art With Beautiful Lighting Schemes

TM Lighting: Retail space at FBC London.

When your job is to illuminate billion pound art collections, the working week can get pretty interesting for TM Lighting. Read More »

John Cullen Lighting, Discreet But Beautiful Schemes

John Cullen Showroom Kitchen(Oslo LED £120 & Contour £141 per metre) - John Cullen Lighting (2)_featedopt.jpg

John Cullen Lighting is one the most renowned and respected lighting design companies in the world, we take a look at the masters of the lighting consultancy scene and ask the Design Director Lucy Martin to talk us through a favourite project. Read More »

Dan Heap, Lighting Designer

Dan Heap 'Slots of Light' fittings

Some lighting scheme designers are all about the all singing all dancing wow-factor ‘look at me’ lighting, this can be extremely impressive but British lighting consultant Dan Heap’s approach is a little different. He calls it ‘seamless integration’ and this is very much what it is, slick, minimal, clean-lined and classy. Read More »

Nic Parnell, Reclaiming Discarded Wood For a Furniture Design Rebellion

The Nic Parnell Lifestyle Cabinet adds a splash of colour

In a world where man-made products can often enforce structure and order onto the objects we bring into interior spaces, contemporary furniture designer Nic Parnell is a breath of fresh air, taking inspiration from naturally occurring shapes, in fact, he incorporates them directly into the final product. Read More »

Rousseau Design, Master Of Modern Illumination

Rousseau Designed fabulous Bat Cave

Ben Rousseau has made a name for himself as the cool lighting designer on the lighting designer block. Think lots of neon, LEDs, a penchant for industrial spaces and a great merging of disciplines where lighting becomes an object of art. Read More »

Sian Baxter, Bespoke Lighting Design

Sian Baxter, Bespoke Lighting Design

Sian Baxter of Sian Baxter Lighting Consultancy has always had a strong sense of what works in terms of light, space and experience. Read More »

Susan Quirke, Creative And Artful Lighting Design

Ice White House, Hampstead by Quirke Mcnamara Consultancy

The work of lighting designer Susan Quirke can be subtle or striking but never goes un-noticed, becoming a thing of beauty within every scheme she is working on. Read More »