Dala Outdoor Lantern

by Dedon

Dala Outdoor Lantern

by Dedon

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Possibly the first collection of woven furniture ever to unify surface and structure, the DALA Lantern begins with a colourfully powder-coated frame of expanded aluminium mesh. Throughout the geometric grid of the mesh, DEDON's master weavers have threaded strands of a revolutionary new fibre. This fibre, which has been in development for a number of years, is created from recycled food-and-drink packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene, and is yet another industry first from DEDON. The ecologically forward concept makes the DALA Outdoor Lantern the perfect outdoor lighting solution for the environmentally conscious client. The recycled food-and-drink packaging gives DALA's fiber a distinctive luster and a rich, almost leather-like texture that's a pleasure to touch. This unique concept breaks down what you thought of recycled goods - you do not have to compromise on style to be kind to the environment.  Frame is aluminium finished in electrostatic powder-coated. Fiber is DEDON ecological fiber, created from mix of recycled food and-drink packaging and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

The rest of the DALA collection consists of a planter, a lounge chair, a footstool, the most amazing love seat and a stool meaning that the owner can mix and match or collect all of the items for the perfect matching outdoor arrangement. Each item is portable, lightweight, casually laid back. This collection has an answer for everything. Designed by Stephen Burks, who is considered one of the brightest talents of a new generation of American designers, the DALA collection takes its unique look from the improvised seating arrangements of the developing world and the skilful artisans who inhabit it. DALA, notes Burks, means "to make" in one of the dialects he encountered during a project with artisans around the world.


  • Size/Weight:Ø 21 x H 32 cm Ø 34 x H 47 cm Ø 41 x H 62 cm
  • Brand:Dedon

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