Rideau Sideboard

by Emmemobili

Rideau Sideboard

by Emmemobili

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The Rideau Sideboard is the perfect item to compliment the Rideau Boiserie. Designed by Ferrucio Laviani as a complete original for Emmobelli. Emmobelli have been producing high quality furnishings since 1879 and with each piece being hand finished every item is one of a kind - ideal for furniture collectors. The challenge behind this piece and what makes it truly impressive, is that it solves the design issue of creating a flowing and rounded atmosphere with plywood. The curved plywood of the Rideau Sideboard is created with light, thin sheets of wood coated with high quality resins and glues which are then carefully laid in moulds designed to create the pieces unique shape. A computer controlled machine then enhances the design before it is hand finished by expert makers. Glues used in this piece do not contain formaldehyde or toxic solvents and varnishes are certified by Austrian or Italian laboratories guaranteeing great physical and chemical resistance. Available in a variety of sizes, making it an ideal and versatile piece for most living arrangements. 




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