Covent Garden

by 5MM

The brief for this project was to design FF&E, bespoke joinery and complete styling. We had to work with a limited time frame and budget to create a unique high-end look

Most the items used in this project are from our 5mm Design product collection. This meant that we could deliver all the products almost immediately at a lower cost as the sourcing and supply is in house.

The main feature in this project is the bespoke media unit that we designed and manufactured. The unit feature bespoke art panels that we supply at 5mm Design. The graphic pattern creates a dramatic impact on the space 

We used polished plaster throughout the hallway and the open plan living space to add a luxurious feel. To compliment this, we used brass and marble accents to elevate the design. Due to space limitation, we used 2 of 5mm products (Seymour side table) as an alternative to a larger coffee table. We styled them with our Bird Brass Bowl and Helmut Newton Sumo book that we sell on our online store.

The dining area featured our 5mm Brass Dining Chairs and a brass base dining table. The artwork was carefully selected by us which added a splash of colour to the room.

We designed a bespoke slim console with inset faux shagreen panel for the entrance hallway due to space limitation. We styled the hallway using our copper Starburst Mirror and Wire Horse sculpture.

We used grass wall covering in the master bedroom and chesterfield velvet bed in the master bedroom to create a cosy luxurious feel. We styled the bedside table with our Z flower vase and Agate Slice on brass stand.

The master bathroom was styled with our faux Coral Shard, Coral Plate and brass Bird on Branch sculpture.

Living Room

  • 4309
  • 841
  • 841
  • 794
  • 756
  • 762
  • 758
  • 777
  • 747

Dining Room

  • 1531
  • 759
  • 802
  • 783


  • 1369
  • 765
  • 801


  • 2490
  • 782


  • 3557
  • 817