John Street

by Rebekah Caudwell

The brief was to give a new lease of life to a tired house, through intelligent use of colour integrated throughout the residence to unify the interior spaces.

Rebekah Caudwell Design had to strike a balance between introducing contemporary design details and honouring original architectural details, such as the a listed ceiling in the master bedroom. Geometric patterns and jewel tones characterise the grand hallway and drawing room, which give a distinctly 21st century, contemporary feel. Paired with contemporary textures such as velvet, wool, lacquer, brass and marble, the interiors are imbued with a sumptuous tactility.

Psychological considerations also came into play in Rebekah Caudwell's John Street design project. Blue tones are the most relaxing, so were heavily incorporated into the master bedroom, including the blue and off-white rug by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The cooling effect of the blue hues, however, was counteracted by warmer accent tones, such as oversized white ceramic lamps and yellow lampshades, creating a vibrant mix of calm and energy.


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