Listed Mayfair Property

by Cochrane Design

Cochrane Design has managed to develop this classic Mayfair townhouse into a property that retains its London flair while being updated to the highest art deco standard. Through using the existing proportions of the rooms in the house, with traditional shapes for furniture and art deco quirks of lighting and textiles, the property is now luxuriously simple in its elegance.

Cochrane Design’s Listed Mayfair property was commissioned by a private client who had purchased the building as an investment with an intention to have it sympathetically restored to its original state of Grade II Listed luxury by Cochrane Design, while giving it an art deco yet modern update. Interior design house LINLEY’s Claridge’s suites were to be a key inspiration for this development, Cochrane Design being briefed to mirror the unique luxury and practicality of the suites. Each room would be completely suited to its purpose. Almost all of the furniture and materials were made bespoke for the client to add that finishing touch to the property to suit his every need.

Living Room

  • 4278
  • 1937


  • 4103

Dining Room

  • 2136

Home Office

  • 3279


  • 2905
  • 1731


  • 2825
  • 1769


  • 1939