London Townhouse

by Cochrane Design

Cochrane Design’s London Townhouse was actually a collaborative effort with the property owner, Mark Feehily of Westlife, who had from the moment he saw the house a very clear image of how he wanted it to be developed. Bought as a set of rather run-down flats in need of renovation, Mark wanted it to be his comfortable, but kind of alternative and edgy, London home.

Based around a palette of warm greys and high ceilings, the property was to exude modern luxury and sumptuous atmosphere while engaging with light from all sources. Cochrane Design wanted to create a multi-layered property that made the most of every single space, so the staircase was to be a major feature of the property – dark wood bannisters juxtaposed with the light walls of the entire property ensure this as a focal point. By creating a clear use of all areas of the house through vertically opening up the floors, the property was made to feel more airy and open.

Reflective surfaces adorn every wall and surface to channel even more light. The bedrooms of the house are of a similar grey palette, with luxurious textile rugs and throws from Yves Delorme. The master suite, for which Mark Feehily had his greatest say, features a double height wall covered in mirror panels adjoined by dark frames and a concealed door. The subtle accents of dark wood and painted radiators draw focal points into the room on the other side of the mirror wall, suggesting low-key luxury. The master bathroom, with floors and feature walls covered in marble slabs, features a sunken, incremented jacuzzi made from more marble that had to be crane lifted into the top floor. In the process, two windows had to be removed alongside a section of the wall taken down.

Living Room

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Dining Room

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