A Majestic Farmhouse

by Absolute Interior Decor

A full renovation of a relatively new farmhouse in Belgium. The property was built in the 1970s in an area well known for fruit farming and horse riding.

Absolute Interior Decor made a significant structural change to the rear wall of the property, extending this outwards to create more space for a larger kitchen, including a 14 metre long floor to ceiling glass wall running the length of the kitchen and living areas. This significantly improved the natural light in the living room and created a frame, and interaction, with the spectacular view of the gardens.
Achieving the right balance can create attractive contrasts for example, setting a gloss cabinet against a matt wall in the kitchen or caramel matt tones of the wooden fireplace with a textured plaster wall creates additional richness against the marble floor.

Dining Room

  • 1018


  • 1193
  • 791


  • 1127
  • 1205

Living Room

  • 1205

Games Room & Bar

  • 1205


  • 1033


  • 956
  • 691


  • 1096


  • 758
  • 651


  • 684
  • 668