Riverside View

by Maurizio Pellizzoni

With a brief to bring warmth into the this Albion Riverside development, Pellizzioni selected opulent jewel tones and rich soft furnishings for the client, who wanted a distinct look.

A warm and welcome interior space needed to be integrated into the open plan layout, with interchangeable accessories for summer and winter. Pellizzoni curated a white linen summer look, complete with white orchids to complement the riverside setting in the warmer months. For winter, a palette of deeper hues were chosen for warmth, with accessories easily removed and stored away for the summer period.

Within the brief, the client specified that their collection of books, antique pieces and variety of artworks were integrated into the interior scheme. Alongside these personal pieces, further antiques and Persian rugs were used to add intrigue to the home, and provide another characterful dimension to the space.

This project was primarily an architectural and decorative upgrade of the work that had been done previously.

Living Room

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