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Browse luxurious, high-end kitchens from some of the interior design industry’s most skilled kitchen designers. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a beautifully designed space to cook and entertain guests, whether you choose sleek minimalism or traditional styles.

Kitchen design is practical, but can also be beautiful. There’s plenty to consider, from flooring and wall coverings to cabinetry, stone counter tops and a wide choice of metal appliances and accessories. Many top interior designers use bespoke carpentry to create seamless fitted storage. While there is a vast number of options available to create the luxury kitchen of your dreams, getting each element right creates a stunning, harmonious result. Take inspiration from the professionals, then experiment with tiling, marble, and different colour palettes to suit your tastes.

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As the heart of the home, a beautifully designed kitchen is of particular importance. A luxury kitchen is a wonderful investment - whether you plan to stay in your home or move on - and a luxury, well-designed kitchen is an essential in any contemporary home. Kitchen design has many, many options which means that you are almost guaranteed to get what you want, but it may take time and research to know what exactly that is.


It is important that the many elements that make up a kitchen are thoroughly considered, as they each contribute to the overall look and feel of the room. Deciding on the materials, finishes and colour scheme for the walls, flooring, cupboards, cabinets, appliances and accessories can be overwhelming, so it is often advised to look at existing designs for kitchen inspiration and design ideas.


Modern kitchens are often designed with the idea of making the most of a space by using clever layouts and bespoke elements to create a room that is both functional whilst being beautiful and comfortable to socialise in. A bespoke or luxury kitchen transforms what is essentially a practical and functional room into a beautiful, sociable space to spend time in entertaining friends and family.


Planning a Kitchen Upgrade


The first thing to consider when planning a kitchen design is the size of the space. A small kitchen will have very different design considerations than a large kitchen. Both small and large kitchens benefit greatly from the right layout and design - and a luxury feel can be achieved in any sized space. A bespoke kitchen design will ensure that your space is the best for both you and your home - though a beautiful finish can also be achieved using pre-built units as modern kitchen designs and manufacturing are better than ever before.


When planning a luxury kitchen upgrade, choosing a designer whose previous work you admire can be an easy way to access ideas for design and layouts. Having an idea as to whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, a minimalist or rustic look will help narrow down the options so that you can create a beautiful kitchen for your home. Once you know what style you want, it is time to think about kitchen layout ideas - depending on the room, it is possible to design your kitchen in a U-shape, and L-shape, in a linear form or with a kitchen island.


Once your luxury kitchen design ideas are settled you can move on to choosing the component parts. The floor can be tiled, wood, concrete, laminate with many other modern kitchen floor options available. Deciding on the flooring for your kitchen has several deciding factors - not only must it be a harmonious part of your kitchen design, but there are more practical considerations such as being easy to clean, easy to maintain, durable and stain-resistant. The cabinets and cupboards make a big impact on the overall kitchen design, and many people are turning towards bespoke kitchen designs for this reason. The cabinets can be arranged in a variety of layouts, with a huge array of finishes and designs - this is perhaps where it is most important to research kitchen design ideas, looking through kitchen design pictures for inspiration.

Choosing the Right Designer


A designer’s understanding of how a room works will be invaluable in the creation of your kitchen design. A designer will be able to suggest additions and details that a non-professional would not be able to foresee the need for - whether that is a skylight, an additional window, some clever lighting or the use of reflective surfaces, an interesting colour palette or an area of high detail.


Interior designers are by nature flexible when it comes to their design inspiration and their ability to create beautiful kitchens of any style. However, designers do have a ‘style’ or a leaning towards a particular look - so by simply doing some research into a designer’s previous work - their interior portfolio - you will gain a good understanding of their work and stylistic preferences.


Choosing a designer who has previous experience in creating beautiful kitchens that suit your style is a good way to ensure that you get what you want. A designer will bring new and perhaps different kitchen layout designs and ideas that you may not have considered alone, which is one of many perks of bringing a professional on board.


Discuss with your designer the style that you like, and details and materials that you would like to use, but also make sure that there has been a conversation around your budget and expectations of their service. Designing and fitting a new kitchen is no small job, so making sure that you know what you will get beforehand is advisable. The right designer will be able to make choosing your new luxury kitchen easier than ever, bringing their experience, contacts and design knowledge to the project.


Bespoke or Prebuilt?


Selecting a pre-built or bespoke kitchen depends greatly on the kitchen design that you prefer. For example, a Scandinavian, modern kitchen design may be created from pre-built elements - particularly as pre-built kitchens have benefitted from advances in technology and are available in a wide selection of quality materials.


However, for a more complex design - perhaps due to an unconventional space or a more unusual kitchen design idea - may require a bespoke luxury kitchen in order to achieve the design and fulfill the kitchen inspiration. A bespoke kitchen often reaches great heights of luxury, and as the kitchen is the centrepiece of any home, it is a wise investment. Bespoke designs can beautifully and cleverly maximise the storage and efficiency of the space thanks to the attention-to-detail that is an integral element of bespoke design kitchens.


With a bespoke or pre-built kitchen, it is important to design it to create a sense of light and space as well as being efficient, easy-to-use and built-to-last.


Choosing Kitchen Units


The options are seemingly endless when it comes to selecting the design of your kitchen units. Not only are the dimensions, shape and size endlessly variable, so too are the interior layouts and the exterior design. A kitchen designer will help navigate through these design choices, using your brief and their extensive knowledge to narrow down the options.


Floor units make up the majority of the kitchen design layout, and can be supplemented with wall units and/or an island for additional storage space. When designing your kitchen you should focus on the amount of storage and surface space that will be required. The floor units can then be chosen according to how many appliances are needed and how much surface space is necessary for the size of the house and the owner’s needs. Traditional kitchen units can be enhanced by incorporating open-faced storage, which is an option that can add interest to the space, breaking up the uniformity of the units whilst works well alongside more traditional ‘closed’ kitchen units.


Choosing the materials for your units is an exciting and important choice - units come in a variety of materials, with a variety of finishes. Painted wooden cabinets can look rustic or sleek depending on the design, and can be painted in an infinite range of colours to suit your interior. Wooden cabinets can be made in the wood of your choice, stained from light to dark - giving anything from a bright modern or Scandinavian look to a darker more gothic feel. A high-shine finish will give an ultra-modern look, or when given a matt finish they have a luxurious, tactile quality.