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Choosing the right interior design can transform a hallway from the space between rooms into a luxurious space in its own right. Here you are free to add as much or as little decoration as you choose.

Giving thought to durable wallcoverings and flooring is a must in these high-traffic areas, and adding elegant furniture like bespoke console tables and chairs can help to unify a large space. For added interest, choose striking artwork, curios and objets d’art which will catch the eye as you walk between rooms. A bespoke carpet runner can give an extra dimension to your space as well as providing luxury underfoot.

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Hallway Design Ideas

A hallway is a space in which you can be as bold or as minimal as you please - it can create a clean and clear transition from room to room, or become a stylish space within its own right. Dressing a hall is greatly dependent on its size and shape - a large, more square-shaped space may accommodate a sofa, whilst a narrow, or smaller space will better suit pieces such as console tables and wall-hung accessories.

As the hallway is a high-traffic area, the floor and wall coverings must provide durability as well as adding texture, colour and atmosphere. Wooden flooring has a natural beauty that brings a warmth and organic feel to a space, it is extremely hard wearing and can be stained in a variety of colours from light to dark to accentuate a mood or look. Carpet or a rug, such as a runner, will bring colour, texture and pattern to the space whilst also providing a tactile and comforting feel. A marble floor will bring a touch of glamour to the hallway with its beautiful markings and lustre - marble can also be a way to introduce a simple, geometric pattern in the room, for example a white marble floor with a slim black border has a timelessly chic look.

The wall coverings are plentiful for the hallway - painted walls, or wallpaper are equally suitable, as are wooden panels or a mirrored wall. Colour can be introduced very successfully in the hall design, using either muted or vivid shades to create an atmosphere that will set the tone for the rest of the space. The wall covering and colour should be selected in combination with the floor covering, and should take into account the amount of natural light that is available in a space. As a general rule of thumb, darker colours should be avoided in small, naturally dark spaces in preference for lighter, brighter shades.

Hallway Design Patterns

Pattern can be introduced on the walls in luxury halls in a variety of ways - a patterned wallpaper can look stunning, and can act as a bold introduction to the rest of the house. A feature wall is another way to introduce pattern in a more toned-down, minimal effect. Wood panelling brings pattern and line into the space which looks particularly effective in a period house - as do dado rails, picture rails and skirting boards. A hallway of the right size and proportions is an opportunity to add more storage in the shape of built-in cupboards, which can be finished in a variety of ways - from floor-to-ceiling mirror to deep, stained wooden doors.


Depending on the layout of the house, the hallway may also include a staircase, which can be made into a stunning feature with a bespoke staircase. From a grand, sweeping staircase made in marble and finished with high-shine metallic details, to a simple wooden staircase or even a spiral staircase that is inspired by industrial design - choose a design that is both practical, space-saving (if necessary) and visually appealing.

Updating an existing staircase can be an easy way to add a personal or modern touch - sheet glass in place of the handrail brings a clean and contemporary touch, or a sculptural metal balustrade will act as a focal point for the space. The floor covering should consider the staircase too, where a wooden floor can be continued onto the stairs, or a carpeted floor can be brought onto the stairs either fully or in a central runner. You can find our staircase design inspiration here.

Hallway Furniture

The function of the hallway varies according to its size, meaning that different pieces are necessary for each. A table is a staple of hallway design, and there is a design that is right for every hallway. The console table is a classic piece - its slim, rectangular shape means that it provides the functionality of a table whilst remaining discreet and unimposing. There are many beautiful console tables, from a curved wooden frame that holds a thick marble top which will help create a luxurious hallway, to an all glass design that has an utterly contemporary look. Hang a large mirror above, and scatter the table top with a mixture of design items, such as a lamp, with more personal pieces. A large hallway can be cleverly broken up to create a better flow with a large, round table placed at the centre - this looks wonderful when topped with an extravagant flower arrangement, that brings colour and life to the space.

Hallway Lighting

Lighting in the hallway can be anything from subtle spotlights to a grand chandelier, and everything in between. A statement pendant light or chandelier brings opulence and glamour to the space, and looks particularly wonderful in a space with a high ceiling. Wall lights are a wonderful solution for a long, narrow space as they can be arranged along the length of the wall to bring a beautiful, even light. Spot lights or subtle ceiling lamps can be paired with a desk lamp on the console table, or even a floor lamp should the space permit it.

Seating Options

Seating can be a wonderful addition to a luxury hallway, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. A large space may suit a stylish sofa, perhaps one with a more sculptural form that will make it a focal point in the room. For a smaller space, a chaise longue or bench can be a practical yet beautiful piece that has long and slim proportions that are appropriate to most hallway designs. Bench-style seating can also be added as a bespoke element, creating a long seat that continues along the length of a wall, or as a smaller bench-style window seat perfectly suits a hallway that has a feature window...

A luxurious armchair brings the same air of informality and comfort to the hallway - either an individual seat, a pair or a single loveseat works equally well. Deep, soft styles look wonderful, as do designs that feature a high backrest and a more dramatic silhouette. Upholster the chair in a durable yet decadent fabric, such as velvet, and take the opportunity to add a pop of colour and another texture to the room. The chairs could flank the console table, or alternatively add a small coffee table as an accompanying piece.

Decorate the walls in the hall with large or decorative mirrors - particularly in smaller or narrow spaces and hang artwork to pull the space together and to bring a more personal and individual feel to the space. A bookcase or display case is another way to use personal items to create an atmosphere in the hall, and there are many other pieces that can be considered for a stylish, luxury hall.

How to Find the Right Designer

Choosing an interior designer for your hallway will start with a process of research. Take a look at a wide range of designers and styles in order to define what it is that you prefer. The Art of Bespoke has selected some of the finest hallway designs by the top interior designers, so peruse our selection in order to find inspiration for your hallway.

An interior designer will bring their expertise, knowledge and contacts to your project. A combination of which can unlock the full potential of your space. An interior designer will listen to your needs, preferences and budget, and may be able to offer solutions and alternatives that you may not have previously considered.

For a luxury renovation that includes complex, large or structural changes, such as designing a bespoke staircase an interior designer will be an essential. The designer will be able to go through all of the options before commencing on the project, meaning that all of the important decisions have been made in an efficient and well thought out way.

Storage and lighting are two areas where an interior designer may be able to add real value to your project. Designing ingenious storage solutions will make your hall design a functional and practical space, whilst finding the right lighting solution will greatly improve the atmosphere, mood of the space. Check out our list of interior designers here.