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Discover new ideas for designing your next luxury bathroom. Think like an interior designer by choosing bespoke options for baths, showers and basins, as well as adding personality with beautiful details like taps, shower rails and storage accessories. Designers introduce unexpected details like seating, vanity units and artwork to create complex bathroom designs, perfect for finding inspiration and new ideas.

By making the right decisions about which tiles, storage and metals to use you can create a relaxing space, bringing the atmosphere of a boutique hotel or luxury spa to your home. Bathroom designers will start with statement pieces, before choosing fixtures and fittings to complement the overall design scheme.

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Luxury Bathrooms

A beautiful bathroom is a luxury feature in any home - The Art of Bespoke brings you bathroom design ideas to inspire your renovation. Modern bathroom design provides many different options, and technology has made previously out of bounds items, such as wallpaper, a possible addition to your bathroom design. Looking at luxury bathroom designs that you admire will bring bathroom inspiration to your project, so we suggest that the starting point to any redesign of a bathroom is research!

Creating Luxury Bathrooms

Creating a luxurious bathroom starts with looking at the space you are working with and understanding its limitations and advantages. The amount of natural light will greatly affect the overall aesthetic and will require different bathroom design ideas to create an overall feeling of luxury. Moving bathroom features such as the bath, shower, sink and toilet can be difficult, so it is worth bearing this in mind when creating your modern bathroom design. Luxury bathroom ideas can be found in many places - The Art of Bespoke website has a wide selection of luxurious bathrooms to peruse, but also looking at friends and families bathrooms, or visiting a showroom may also prove to be helpful.

There are many elements to consider when creating a luxury bathroom. Firstly it is most important to choose the floor and wall coverings. There are many options for both elements, but selecting a floor and wall covering which complement each other is very important in creating a luxury bathroom design. The choices that you make for your bathroom should also take into account the design of the rest of the house, as the bathroom should continue the ‘look’ of the whole space in order to create a sense of continuity.

Your bathroom design has to prioritise the practical and functional elements of a bathroom, such as having all of the fittings that you desire - i.e. a bath and/or shower, proper ventilation, easy to clean and maintain, having enough storage for your needs. Design options such as floor to ceiling tiles have become popular as they are very easy to clean, and give the crisp, neat look that many bathrooms aim for.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom design ideas come from many places - but it is best to look at luxury bathroom designs that already exist. Modern bathroom design tends towards a minimalist look, with clean lines and a beautiful finish. An all-white room is a classic look for a modern bathroom - white brings a sense of purity and cleanliness that perfectly suits the bathroom. All-white can be given interest through the clever use of textures - mixing glossy tiles with matt surfaces and soft, tactile accessories. Luxury bathroom designs have also tended towards darker colour palettes - making the bathroom have a more opulent, dramatic feel.

Incorporating different textures is important in well-designed bathrooms, which can be easily done by cleverly combining a variety of different materials. Glass and tile are staples of bathroom design, and their reflective properties can often enhance the sense of space and light within a bathroom. An easy way to create a luxurious bathroom is by including marble. The luxurious texture and feel of marble adds a beauty that is hard to find in other materials.

Marble has a tactile, natural quality that perfectly suits a modern, luxury bathroom. Luxury bathrooms often incorporate marble, particularly as it is available in a wide variety of colours and variants, meaning that marble can be used in a dark and sensuous bathroom design, as well as a crisp, bright and white bathroom design.


Choosing a Bathroom Designer

Choosing a bathroom designer is extemely important in order to get the best out of your space. The right designer will bring experience and expertise in designing a beautiful, luxury bathroom but also how to effectively manage a redesign project.

Selecting a designer often comes down to their portfolio - so when finding a bathroom designer, take a look at their previous work for an idea of their style. Designers will mostly have a preference for  a particular look or material when it comes to bathroom designs - so choose one whose taste suits yours.

The Art of Bespoke has a wide selection of designers that have created many different bathrooms for many different clients and briefs - so browsing our selection is a good place to start when choosing a bathroom designer. Design inspiration may come from browsing, but the right designer may also be able to come up with alternatives and ideas that you may never have considered but that will work best for your space. A designer will be able to design a bathroom that properly takes into consideration both the positive and negative properties of your particular space - this will be invaluable in getting the best result from your new luxury bathroom.

Baths, Showers and Accessories

The overall design of a bathroom has many considerations, but some of the most important are the fittings and fixtures that you require. A luxury bathroom means different things to different people - for some a bath is the centrepiece of the room, for others it may not be important. The first thing to consider is how to design a bathroom that suits your needs as well as your space - a small space may function far better without a bath, whereas a large space may seem empty without.

Modern bathroom design has focused a lot of attention on the shower - as this is often the feature that gets the most use. There are many types and designs of shower that greatly range in size. Wetroom style showers have become increasingly popular as a modern, luxurious bathroom accessory, as they attribute more space to the shower rather than a bath. This may be the most suitable option for a busy, city-centre flat, whereas a free-standing roll-top bath may suit a rustic, country home.

Once you have decided whether a bath, shower or both best suits your home and your needs, there are two more essentials - the toilet and sink. Choosing the toilet and sink to match the mood, colours and style of the bath and/or shower will make the decision easier, as there are plenty of options and designs. A bathroom designer will be able to create a suite of features that compliment each other within your space, as well as creating a layout that is functional and spacious.

Once the essential elements have been chosen - like any other room of the house - the bathroom requires accessories. Choosing appropriate lighting, which sets the tone and mood for the room is vital. A bathroom is a flexible space in that it looks at home with opulent accessories or with minimalist touches - the lighting is no different, with some homes suiting a chandelier whilst others prefer subtle spot lights.

A radiator, towel rack and hooks are all accessories that should add character and interest to the space, whilst complimenting the other features and the style of the room. Creating adequate storage for all of your needs is a must, so make sure that both you and your designer understand the amount of storage that is required. Modern, luxury bathrooms often have a clean and uncluttered look, so designing the room to ensure that this look is easily maintained will ensure that is a space that works for you.

Smaller details such as the taps and faucets for the sink and bath will continue to enhance the look that you wish to achieve, so these should be chosen with care so that they add texture, colour and a point of interest. Other accessories to consider are more replaceable, or changeable - however, considering adding a mirror and table-top accessories that match your new bathroom will harbour a harmonious feel and make the room a joy to use.