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Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home, so the design can should be the truest reflection of your interior design style. Layering is every interior designer's key to creating a luxury bedroom, starting with a bespoke bed to create a centerpiece for the room. From there, surround yourself with soft textures – Egyptian cotton bed linen, sumptuous throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a canopy of soft lighting. 

Once you’ve chosen between an ornate wardrobe and fitted, bespoke cabinetry, there are plenty of small details to consider for stylish storage. Dressing tables, jewellery boxes and trays for personal mementos are all key elements for creating your bedroom sanctuary.

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Luxury Bedroom Design

Although you may not achieve the full eight hours a night, we each spend a vast amount of time in the bedroom, so designing a beautiful, luxurious bedroom is of great importance. Luxury bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and should become a haven of peace and tranquility - a place where you utterly enjoy spending time. A designer bedroom can be as unique as you are, and can take on many different styles whilst remaining a luxury space.

Bedrooms suit being both minimal - with sleek, clean lines and clever storage solutions - and cozy - with plush, soft furnishings and highly detailed areas. Most importantly, it should be a reflection of who you are, as well as being a practical and functional room.

Finding Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design ideas can be found in many different places - from seeing your friends and family’s recently renovated bedrooms to searching the internet for bedroom design inspiration. The Art of Bespoke has a large listing of beautiful, luxury bedrooms that will inspire and excite you - so first of all we suggest that you browse through the selection to find what it is that you are drawn to.

When you have found several bedroom design ideas that you like, you can begin to understand what it is that runs through them - narrowing down what it is that you want for your new luxury bedroom. There are many elements to a bedroom design, from choosing the wall and floor covering to finding furniture that suits the mood and theme of the room that you wish to create.

As with designing any room, it is vital to understand the importance of light. Designing a luxury bedroom must be done with the light in mind - so work out how much natural light your room has, and from this you can understand whether you would like to add more, with extra windows or a skylight, or whether the effect that you desire can be made with clever lighting solutions. A luxury interior designer will be able to help you understand how to get the most from your bedroom - especially where larger interventions are concerned.

Luxury bedrooms always take into consideration the amount of storage that each client and house requires. Choosing the right storage solution for you is essential in creating a luxury bedroom that also fulfills your practical requirements. Designer bedrooms are often noted for their clever use of storage - which can be a mixture of in-built space, to beautiful free-standing pieces of furniture. There are endless choices when it comes to choosing wardrobes, drawers and other storage, so doing your research and fully understanding your own individual needs will help find the right solution - as will having the help of an interior designer, who can bring their expertise and previous experience.

The bed is a huge feature in any bedroom, and should be selected both for its comfort and its aesthetic appeal. There are many incredible designs for beds that will be a beautiful and essential addition to a luxury bedroom. Another consideration when choosing a bed is if you require further storage - as many modern beds have clever storage units in the base that can greatly increase functionality of the room.

Finding an Interior Designer for Bedrooms

There are many elements of bedroom design that must all come together to create a beautiful, luxurious and harmonious look. Having an interior designer as part of your bedroom design project can be invaluable as they bring their knowledge, contacts and experience to your house. A designer can add further luxury bedroom ideas, which may work beautifully in your space.

The Art of Bespoke has a wide variety of designers work to browse through, which will help you to understand which looks form your bedroom design inspiration, and also which designers work you admire. Choose an interior designer that has created rooms you aspire to, and who has worked on projects of the same scale as your project.

An interior designer will have a good understanding of how to achieve the look that you want, and is able to suggest changes and additions that you may never have considered without their advice. An interior designer will read your space and diagnose the problems as well as the features that should be accentuated, and working with your space - rather than against it - they will be able to create a beautiful, luxury bedroom that exceeds your expectations.

Choosing Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom accessories make up a huge part of the room - particularly as the bedroom most often features several large pieces. Selecting pieces that fit well together within the space is of the utmost importance, however, this does not mean that you need to choose pieces from the same range or suite. A lot of charm and interest can be added to a bedroom when each of the pieces has a slightly different look, as there is a warmth that comes with this type of eclectic look. Choose a suite, or an array of individual pieces that will suit your needs and reflect your tastes.

There are many materials, textures and colours that are suitable for a bedroom. It is often advised to keep one or two themes or colours consistent so that the room has a harmonious atmosphere, however, there are no strict rules when it comes to designing a bedroom, and as there are only a few practical considerations in design, it is possible to create a really individual, luxurious bedroom.

The wardrobe and bed are staples of any bedroom, so when creating a luxury bedroom it is important to choose these with great attention. A bed can vary in a multitude of ways - a bed that is low to the ground will bring an air of relaxation, a four-poster bed brings a sense of historical glamour, whilst an interesting or unique headboard will bring a modern, designer feel to the room. Bedside accessories such as the bedside table and lamp can be selected to match or contrast with the bed, depending on the overall feel of the room.

Bedroom storage can be added in many places, from a wardrobe and chest of drawers to clever extra storage in the bedside table, ottoman and under-bed compartment. Consider your storage needs and make sure to discuss them with your interior designer so that you are able to achieve the look that your require whilst also creating a practical and functional bedroom design.

Accessories that add charm and personality will vary from bedroom to bedroom - however items to consider adding are a mirror, either freestanding or wall-hung, to add a reflective, bright surface and a focal point to the room. A chair can often add another texture and a pop of colour to a bedroom, and brings a luxurious and relaxed feel to the room.

As lighting is always a vital element to a successful, luxury bedroom design you should consider this as a priority. Depending on the mood of the room and the amount of natural light available, you can select from an opulent chandelier, a contemporary, high-design pendant or numerous wall and ceiling lights. Selecting the correct lighting will set the mood and atmosphere in the room and is sure to be the final touch of luxury in your designer bedroom.


Adding an Ensuite Bathroom

Adding an ensuite bathroom will bring another dimension to your bedroom design - as you will be creating a luxury master bedroom. When considering an ensuite it is well advised to seek help from an interior designer as they can create a beautiful layout that will make the most of the given space, and create a beautiful and well-designed luxury master bedroom. Offering advice on lighting issues, storage issues and engineering or technical elements to the build, a designer can make the process of adding an ensuite easier and more efficient. For luxury master bedroom inspiration take a look at the bed and bathroom sections of The Art of Bespoke site.