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Games rooms remain a popular choice for luxury properties as an alternative to formal living and reception rooms. Whether you create a traditional games room with a snooker table as the centerpiece or a retro-inspired bar area, these rooms offer endless possibilities for personal expression.

To create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, comfort is essential. Mix glamorous furnishings with eye-catching art and accessories, and to create a party atmosphere consider colourful lighting options like personalised neon. Here, the only limit is your imagination!

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Games Room & Bar Design Ideas

A bar or games room are areas that are set aside for fun and relaxing. These sociable areas should be decorated to enhance the informal and laid back character of the room itself. A bar is a space that is made for unwinding after a long day, so set the mood with a rich, glamorous colour scheme with plush, comfortable furniture and low lighting. A games room tends to be large, light and airy, and is a space that invites the whole family to relax, socialise and play together.

Consider adding a fireplace to the bar or games room, as this creates the kind of cosy, laid back atmosphere that is admired in these rooms. A modern take on the fireplace, such as a large, freestanding open fire becomes a design feature with its sculptural qualities such as the chimney that hovers above the fire itself. Alternatively a more traditional property may suit a decorative, period fireplace or a simple, contemporary fireplace - both of which become a focal point for the room.

Home Bar Design Inspiration

A bar at home is a luxury, and it should be decorated to reflect this. Whether the bar is a fully stocked stand-alone bar with stools on one side and a space for preparing drinks on the other, or, a more casual bar that focuses on a beautiful freestanding drinks cabinet that is paired with some deep, luxurious armchairs…

Use sumptuous and decadent materials and a rich, deep colour scheme. A bar made in marble will make a striking feature in any room, choose from Marquinia black or Emperador brown marble for a glamorous and polished look. Continue the marble on the wall behind the bar for an impressive feature, or choose a beautiful tiled surface to bring some contrast to the space. Mirrored surfaces look wonderful in a bar, so perhaps design a recessed bar that is lined with mirror in which to display the contents of the bar.

Gadgets and technology are perfectly suited to this area, so consider a wine fridge or another storage type that is specifically made for storing wine, alongside other drinks-related gadgets. Having your wine collection on show is another option that makes a contemporary and highly relevant feature in the room.

Home Bar Accessories

Accessorize the bar with beautiful bar stools - choose from leather or fabric upholstered seats, with or without a backrest and armrests, and with a simple or complex frame. For an ultra-modern look choose metal barstools with a clean shape and minimal padded or upholstered elements, and for a more traditional ‘smoking room’ look select a bar stool that features button-backed upholstery in a rich, dark coloured leather with a wooden frame.

Bring some personality to the bar with the lighting choice - bespoke chandeliers that runs the length of the bar will bring glamour to the room as well as focussing the attention on the bar. A row of simple pendant lamps will create a clean and modern look, whereas wall lamps behind the bar will give off a soft light that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The bar should also offer more comfortable seating, in the form of a sofa, armchair or chaise longue. A deep, plush seat is the perfect place to relax with a drink, and make sure to include a variety of seating in order to create an informal space to socialise in. Placing a generous sofa in a large room is a clever way to break up the space to create individual areas. Create a U-shape of sofas around an expansive coffee table, or create a more cozy set-up using several smaller pieces that are clustered together.

Add armchairs in the room to emphasise the laid-back atmosphere, choose a style that has a large seat and a deep seat cushion. A sleek, modern armchair with a slim metal frame and a leather seat will add a mid-century vintage look to the room, whereas a round armchair with a low, curved backrest will have a more glamourous look. A chaise longue is another piece that will help to build a glamorous, retro look in the bar.


Choose luxurious and decadent fabrics to upholster all of the seating in the bar - velvet, silk, suede and leather each have a beautiful sheen that adds greatly to the feel of the room, or a hand-woven fabric has a unique and striking look. Continue the soft, tactile materials throughout the room, in details such as the curtains or rug. Choose beautiful fabrics in a complementary colour to the rest of the room to add texture and to emphasise the feeling of comfort.

For a more informal bar, focus your attention on a stunning drinks cabinet, that is accompanied with chairs and small tables to create an intimate space to enjoy a drink. The drinks cabinet is a stand-out piece, often made in the most luxurious of materials, with interesting and often intricate finishes and details. Recreate Art Deco glamour with a drinks cabinet that has a glossy lacquer finish in black, with brass legs and door handles or introduce some Scandinavian style into your bar with a design that is inspired by mid-century modern furniture, and that balances simplicity with luxury. Store glasses, cocktail making equipment and liqueurs inside the cabinet for a concise yet highly-functional bar.

Another alternative to the drinks cabinet is the bar trolley, which has a fun, retro feel and requires less space, which is particularly useful if the bar area is part of a larger room. The bar trolley has been brought up-to-date with clean, contemporary designs. A chrome frame and glass shelves feel modern and functional whilst also being eye-catching. The drinks trolley can be moved, making it a flexible piece that can be used in other areas of the house, or it can be a static feature next to a beautiful leather armchair or a velvet loveseat.

Keep the lighting low to create the relaxed atmosphere of the bar - a desk lamp or floor lamp will provide just the right amount of light. Alternatively a simple pendant light or several wall lamps will free up floor space whilst still providing the right soft lighting.

Games Room Design Ideas

A games room can be many things, from a large, bright and airy den replete with a snooker table and other large gaming equipment, or a more compact space that shares the same atmosphere as the bar, with a dark colour scheme created in rich and luxurious fabrics.

Antique or vintage games will help to create a sense of glamour in the games room, whether this is a snooker table or games from the casino… Choose games equipment that has more subtle colour combination than the standard models. For the snooker table, choose a dark wooden frame that is paired with a cream felt top in place of the usual green. Customising these large items will bring a sense of luxury and personality to the room, as well as pulling off a more successful interior scheme. Do not forget to bring the focus to the games or large pieces with lighting - select a contemporary chandelier or a sculptural pendant lamp to hang above the main focus of the room. This is particularly true of the snooker table, which gets an injection of glamour with a beautiful Art Deco-style rectangular chandelier above it.

Continue the bespoke, luxury look of the games room with a textured wallpaper throughout the room in a rich and complementary hue. Add details in metallic and high-shine materials such as chrome, brass and lacquer finishes. Alternatively, for a more vibrant or playful look consider a bold or graphic wallpaper for a feature wall, as this will set the tone for the room.

Decorating a Games Room

Decorate the room with comfortable seating, which can be selected according the needs of the room. A bench will provide informal and communal seating and often adds a certain elegance to a room. A cluster of armchairs around a luxury coffee table will provide a place to relax and to socialise, as will a large, comfortable sofa. Consider adding, or highlighting, elements such as a fireplace and include bookcases or shelves stocked with books and personal items to emphasise the relaxed nature of the room. Include a small bar in the games room - either in the form of a drinks cabinet or a more formal style bar - as the two functions work well in a shared space. The lighting should remain low in the games room, and the overall feeling should be soft, tactile and playful.

Finding an Interior Designer for a Games Room

The design of the games room and/or bar will depend greatly on the individual space, and from small to large, each sized space comes with its own challenges. An interior designer can help to work through these challenges, solving the specific problems that each space presents.

When choosing an interior designer it is vital to look at many interior designer’s portfolios, keeping note of those whose work most suits your tastes. The Art of Bespoke website has a range of properties by some of the best interior designers, so start here to find design inspiration and ideas for your bar or games room...

Contact the designers whose portfolios you most admire to discuss your project, your budget and your expectations. The right interior designer will be able to maximise the potential of your space, and work within your expectations. Including an interior designer into the redesign of your home is a way to ensure that each room comes together as a both practical and beautiful space. A designer will bring their expertise, design skill and previous experience to your project which is invaluable in getting the most from your property.