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A space of calm, focus and inspiration, luxury studies and home offices are a private place within the home, and their décor should differ from the rest of the house.

Whether used during the day or into the evenings, light is an important element of designing a home office to help keep you alert and motivated. Here the desk is the centerpiece, and designers typically commission bespoke pieces with artistic marquetry designs and secret compartments for keeping important documents secure.

Bookshelves are an essential for displaying treasured possessions and reference books, while displaying your favourite artwork will provide inspiration and a place for the eye to wander while you are deep in thought.

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Study Design Ideas

A study should promote a feeling of calm and focus, however, this does not mean that the design element should be diminished… Look to making the room as comfortable as possible, meaning that it is enjoyable to spend long stretches in the space, which includes furnishings, furniture, decor and lighting.

A study is a very personal room, and should be decorated to reflect this, however most studies will include a desk and chair, a suitable storage solution and perhaps some informal or relaxed seating options too to create a more comfortable space. The wall and floor coverings should be chosen to enhance the calm, focused atmosphere of the study, however they do not have to be plain or simple. Choose wallpaper that has an interesting texture, or a subtle pattern to bring the room to life, or pair painted walls in muted colours with a luxurious floor, such as parquet or marble.

Home Study Inspiration

The lighting in the study should not be distracting - a large and glamorous chandelier is unnecessary in the typical study - instead, choose simple yet luxurious lighting options. A contemporary, sculptural pendant lamp can be a way to introduce shape, form and colour to the room, or subtle ceiling lights paired with elegant wall lamps across the room will help create the room’s subtle and paired-back atmosphere. A desk lamp is an essential in the study, so choose one that reflects your taste and style. From ultra-modern spherical lamps made in high-shine chrome or brass, to a more traditional silhouette that has been brought up-to-date with interesting materials, there is a table lamp for everyone.

Storage Ideas for a Study

Shelving and bookcases or a wall unit are perfect for the study - providing generous and flexible storage. For those with lots of books to store consider fitting a bespoke bookcase that covers a full wall in the study. A large, bespoke bookcases can be designed to hold a large volume of items, and it will become a focal feature in the room once it is filled with books and personal objects that add character and a sense of individuality to the room.

Alternatively, there are some beautiful designs for wall units, that are easily customised to suit the individual room, where the overall size and shape can be changed as well as the configuration of the storage units within the whole. Much like a bespoke full-wall bookcase, the wall unit is a storage solution that is suitable in small or unusually-shaped rooms, as the floor-to-ceiling storage maximises the space that is available.

A display of individual bookshelves has a clean and modern look, and is perfect for a more minimal office. For those with a small collection of books, or who prefer to have clean lines and minimal distraction, a set of beautifully designed shelves may provide the perfect solution. Consider designs made in glass for a contemporary and discreet look, or choose a more sculptural form to bring interest to the room.

Other items to consider in the study include the display case and the drinks cabinet. A display case is a freestanding piece, with a glass case that allows small, delicate or special items to be both protected and on display. Create your own cabinet of curiosities that tells a truly personal story, as this is the perfect addition to the study. A drinks cabinet is a sophisticated addition to any room, however it is particularly suited to the study. Make sure to include a large and comfortable sofa or armchair alongside the drinks cabinet, providing a comfortable and sociable place to enjoy a drink…

How to furnish a study

A desk is an essential piece in the study - making it an important element in creating a successful room. Choose a desk that suits your requirements - a large desk will provide plenty of surface space that will hold a computer whilst still providing additional space for paperwork, whilst a small desk is perfect for reading by, taking notes upon or for those who have a more minimal approach to studying…

A large desk will become a focal point for the room, and there are many beautifully designed desks that are worthy of the attention. Choose a modern, reimagining of a desk that has a deconstructed structure, or opt for a striking minimalist design that is made entirely in glass. For a more compact desk, there are some luxurious and elegant designs - look for unusual touches such as those with an inlaid leather writing pad, a stunning lacquer finish or a unique silhouette. View some inspirational desks here.

A wonderful alternative to the freestanding desk is to have the desk included in the wall unit. This is a wonderful solution for a small space, as both the storage and desk can be combined in one piece, saving space whilst providing all of the study essentials.

Pair the desk with a chair that sits well with the design of the desk - the style is important, as is its comfort. Choose a chair that has a generous seat that is well padded, as this will provide far greater comfort for long stints in the study. There are many designs, styles and materials to choose from, however make sure to prioritise comfort when making a final decision. If the study is spacious enough to include more seating, it is advisable to create an informal area within the room that is more relaxing and comfortable. Choose deep, plush armchairs that can be arranged either side of a coffee table, or if space permits, include a large, low and relaxed sofa. Choose luxurious materials such as velvet, leather and silk to upholster the seating in the study, as this will give the room a sense of refinement and elegance.

Accessorise the Study

Once the bookcases, wall unit or shelves have been filled with books and objects d’art, and the desk has a beautiful table light, it is time to consider the rest of the room… Dress the window with a simple yet beautiful blind, or with curtains in a fabric that ties the room together. Bring life to the room with some plants, or a stunning flower arrangement to bring colour to the desk or coffee table. Hang artworks on the walls, keeping the frames light, simple and contemporary so as to avoid creating a distraction in the room.

Leather-bound accessories complete the look - select beautiful notepads to display on the desk, alongside other desk essentials including the pen holder, desk clock and a beautiful box or tray to keep trinkets in.

Find A Designer

The design of the study will depend greatly on the size and requirement of the space. Both small and large spaces present challenges when designing a successful study, which is where an interior designer can prove to be invaluable. The right interior designer will work through the unique challenges that each space presents, solving the specific problems with customised solutions.

When choosing an interior designer it is vital to look at a wide range of portfolios, keeping note of those whose work most suits your sense of style. The Art of Bespoke website has a range of properties by some of the best interior designers, so browse the site to find design inspiration and ideas for the redesign of your study.

After researching plenty of designers, contact those whose portfolios you most admire. It is important to discuss your project as well as your budget and your expectations in order to find the right interior designer. The prize for finding the best designer for your room is that they will maximise the potential of your space whilst work within your expectations and budget. Bringing an interior designer onto your project is a way to ensure that the room comes together as a both practical and beautiful space. An interior designer brings their expertise, design skill and previous experience to your project which is invaluable in getting the most from your property.