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Yachts are regarded as the pinnacle of luxury interior design. Technically demanding to create, the most ambitious designs are floating mansions which accommodate the owners and staff, machinery and additional features including helipads and jacuzzis.

Despite these restrictions, interior designers create bespoke spaces which are tailored to every taste. The ultimate holiday home, superyacht design often places a focus on leisure, including cinema rooms, games rooms and large spaces for dining and entertaining, both indoor and outdoor.

When it comes to the interior design of a yacht, style can range from traditional wood paneling and nautical accessories to dramatic contemporary furniture. These luxury interior designers show what can be achieved with a combination of creativity and technical expertise.

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Luxury Yacht Design

A luxury yacht is the ultimate high-end accessory, which should be decorated in a way that is luxurious, comfortable and functional in equal measure. Whilst designing the interior of a yacht does have some specific and specialist interior elements to consider, it is a project that shares many of the same concerns as designing the interior of a house.

Stylistically, the interior of a yacht can take on many different looks; from a decadent, dark interior to a cool, crisp and minimalist aesthetic. Decide to have a look that runs throughout the interior as a way of creating a harmonious and well-balanced scheme. Alternatively decorate the interior in several different styles to suit the function of each room or floor.

As with any interior it is important to take into consideration the practical elements as well as the aesthetic. Choose materials that are durable and fit-for-purpose, include ample storage and include added extras in the design that suit your lifestyle. As with all interiors, it is vital to consider the amount of natural light that each room receives, and to design the space accordingly - using colour, texture, reflective surfaces and clever lighting solutions to create a greater sense of light and space.

Yachts naturally focus on entertaining and relaxing, therefore it is advised to keep this in mind when designing the interior layout. Create a variety of spaces for relaxing, as well as providing plenty of leisure activities - consider adding a library, swimming pool, gym or bar to complete the relaxing experience. Whether you have a small yacht interior design project, or are planning to fully renovate a superyacht interior, we bring you some luxury yacht interior design ideas from some of the best luxury yacht designers…

Luxury Yacht Interior Design Ideas

An interior designer will bring their expertise and previous experience to each project, which is invaluable when creating a new layout for the interior of the yacht. The interior design and layout of the rooms is more intricately entwined in yacht interiors, as different rooms and individual areas can be subtly demarcated by a change in mood or a cleverly placed item of furniture. Each element of the interior design becomes important in a yacht, from the colour palette, materials and details.

A darker, or richer colour palette can look beautiful for a yacht interior - though it may be more suited to a large, superyacht interior it can also be successfully created in a smaller yacht too. Black marquinia marble will create a rich and sumptuous look for the interior that is perfect for the flooring or walls, and its beautiful, natural sheen means that the dark material actually brings light into the space, reflecting it around to create a sense of space and light.

When using a darker colour palette, look to the glamourous and stylish Art Deco period for inspiration and ideas for a luxury yacht interior design. Art Deco designs use generous amounts of black and white, which is accented with flashes of metallic or colour to create dramatic and luxurious interiors. Touches of Deco look very at home on a luxury yacht - consider adding a grand, statement chandelier, creating geometric patterns throughout the interior or including details in high-shine chrome - include all of these elements for an interior that is an homage to the period, or simply scatter the interior a few elements of Deco glamour.

An equally stunning effect can be created for those that prefer a brighter look, with more contemporary styling. Large swathes of white, or pale colours throughout an interior create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of summer, and of holidaying in sun-soaked locations. An all-white interior is beautiful, however it can have a rather stark effect - so consider adding other complementary materials, textures and colours to bring warmth and personality to the space. Adding wood to the interior brings an organic and natural feel to the room which beautifully balances crisp white.


Highly-polished wood is a nod to classic naval design, and its glossy finish looks luxurious whilst also bringing reflective qualities that increases the sense of light and space in an interior. Wood with a gloss finish is a chic material that is both practical for a boat as well as being a traditional, luxury material in yacht interiors. Highly-polished wood can be included in the interior in many ways - from the flooring, to wall panels or cupboards, to items of furniture and accessories.

Focus attention on the dining area and the living room or drawing room, as this is where socialising and relaxing will mostly take place. Create an environment in these rooms that feels informal whilst retaining a sense of beauty and luxury. The living room should include some large and comfortable seating - a selection of sofas and armchairs will provide a variety of seating options - and consider adding a bar. Perhaps a freestanding bar made in marble that has a row of bar stools to accompany it, or for a more informal feel, add a drinks cabinet as an accessory to a cluster of armchairs.

The dining room onboard a luxury yacht should have a sense of opulence, which can be created with beautiful dining tables and chairs that are accentuated with a stunning chandelier, a statement piece of art and a large window that shows off the beautiful view out to sea. Whether the dining room is a separate space, or is part of a larger room, create an atmosphere with lighting that can be lowered, with rich materials such as marble, lacquer or glass and with striking table accessories.

Bespoke Design for the Luxury Yacht

Bespoke designs and custom-made pieces are often created for luxury yacht interiors due to their highly-personalised nature, which can maximise the space onboard, using the space to its full potential. The interior of a yacht can be fully bespoke - meaning that each and every element has been created to suit the individual needs and requirements of the owner - or the interior can combine bespoke elements and designer pieces to create a functional and beautiful space.

Bespoke pieces can include anything from large in-built pieces to smaller accessories, however for a yacht interior, bespoke pieces are often put to best use in creating furniture that also acts as an informal room divider, or as a highly-efficient storage solution. For example, if the yacht’s layout is open-plan, bespoke pieces can create defined areas within the large space - for example, a dining room and living room can be cleverly demarcated with a bespoke piece that functions as a sideboard in the dining room, and that forms the back of a custom-built sofa in the living room. Bespoke built-in bookcases or cupboards will be made to measure, which ensures that the storage perfectly suits both the space and the user. Custom solutions such as this will mean that every inch of the space onboard the yacht is utilised to its fullest. 

Yacht Interior Design Firms

There are many interior designers who have specialised in creating luxury yacht interiors, and The Art of Bespoke brings a small selection of its favourites. These designers will create stunning interior designs for yachts of any size - from small yachts that need a luxury update to fitting a superyacht with a suitably striking interior…

Yacht interior designer firms in London and the UK include Tim Heywood Design, who have a prolific output and who have created some hugely successful and well-renowned designs; Terence Disdale Design, one of the industry leaders, with more interior designs in the world’s top 101 superyachts than any other firm; Raymond Langton, the design duo who are much sought after for their beautiful yacht interiors; Bannenberg & Rowell Design are another duo that are known for their award-winning interiors and their distinctive custom furniture; and finally Andrew Winch Designs, who create stunning yacht interiors alongside their other architectural and engineering projects.

Worldwide there are many more yacht interior designers - some notable names include Rémi Tessier, the French former cabinetmaker who defines himself as a craftsman of luxury; Espen Øino, the Monaco-based designer with an international output; and Andre Hoek, the Dutch company of Naval Architects who are well known for their timeless and elegant ‘gentlemen’s yachts’.