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Traditionally one of the more formal rooms of the home, dining rooms have become increasingly diverse to adapt to modern living. Interior designers now create inspirational spaces from the breakfast bar up to full banqueting spaces, and there are plenty of ideas to take from all of them whether you have a dedicated room, extension or an open plan space.

Centred around the dining table, choose complementary seating, a statement chandelier and then layer decadent table accessories to create the finished look. Interior designers add candles, vases of fresh flowers and runners to create a luxurious space that adds a little ‘wow’ factor to every meal.

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The dining room is a sociable space, where conversations and celebrations take place over dinner. Creating a luxurious dining room can be done in many ways and in many different styles - from a sleek and minimalist feel to a warm and cozy feel. The focus of the room will be the dining table - often with generous proportions to comfortably seat a large group - which can be accentuated with lighting and accessories.

Many designers have created dining tables that range greatly, from a modern twist on a classic - made in solid wood with a large, rectangular table top and slim table legs - to the truly avant garde, with some designs having sculptural, twisted legs or a glass or even poured concrete tabletop. Select a dining table that has the right shape and size for the room, as well as being a design that suits the mood or atmosphere that you want to create.


Contemporary Dining Rooms

For a cool, crisp, contemporary dining room consider a large, rectangular table with a wafer-thin glass table top with aluminium table legs, or an oval shaped tabletop made in wood that has a glossy lacquer finish and a single, central leg. For a table that has more warmth and weight, there are many designs that are made in stunning solid wood, some of which have a touch of Scandinavian style - with a slim wooden frame topped with a solid wood surface that has rounded edges and that shows off its beautiful, natural grain - whilst others are designed with a more rigorous, strict silhouette, made in sturdy thick slabs of wood.


Dining Room Furnishings

The modern dining table is designed to make a statement and to have a strong presence in the room, however some designs are more overt in this than others. Several designers have reimagined the dining table - a tabletop that is a large oval cut from ultra-clear glass; a sheet of glass curved to form the base has a true ‘wow’ factor, juxtaposing the fragility and lightness of glass with the inherent sturdiness and practicality of a table. A sculptural base - such as a carved, wooden form or a metal rods formed to make a cage-like structure - will bring character and personality to a functional piece.

A smaller dining room may benefit from a round table, as this has more compact dimensions - a tulip style base will also increase the sense of space as this simple, central leg takes up less floor space than the more traditional table legs. A small, circular tabletop can still achieve the same impact, bringing a luxurious feel to the dining room. Designs of all sizes are available in a huge range of materials, with some having a reflective, bright surface - such as glass or metal - and others having more organic beauty, such as wood or marble.

For an open plan space, where the kitchen, luxury living room and dining room share one large room, it is possible, with a clever layout and with well proportioned pieces to create a harmonious look that manages to also have individual ‘areas’ within it. A long, slim table may create an informal divide, whereas a circular table will form a more cluster-like arrangement for dining

Luxury dining chairs accompany the table, and there are many choices here too. Select from designs that have a dramatic, high backrest or those with a more simple appeal, with a low backrest that curves into the seat. Some dining chairs are highly detailed, with a carved wooden frame, or a padded and quilted leather upholstery, whilst others are more pared back - a slim metal or wooden frame that holds a minimal yet comfortable seat. Select chairs to match the dining table, or for a more personal or eclectic look choose your own suite of dining chairs. Choose chairs with or without armrests, or even a combination of both - with armchairs at either end of the table, and dining chairs along each side.

A contemporary dining room interior will often have a beautiful lighting fixture above the dining table. A decadent light that hangs above the table brings the focus of the room to the table, as well as adding a touch of luxury. A chandelier, or a modern reinterpretation of a chandelier, has a stunning effect in a dining room - bringing glamour and beauty to each meal. There are many creative and interesting lighting solutions available which means that there is a suitable statement light for each and every dining room. It often looks most effective when the light that hangs above the table echoes its shape, so a long, rectangular dining table looks stunning with an elongated light whereas a smaller, circular table may better suit a single pendant light. View more luxury lighting here.


Luxury Dining Room Design Ideas

Although there are some basic elements that every dining room requires - table, chairs and lighting - there are many ways to bring interest, personality and warmth to the rest of the room. Consider the floor and wall coverings - a marble floor has a stunning effect on a room, bringing a glossy sheen and its unique texture to the dining room, or a wooden parquet floor will add a rich warmth as well as its distinctive pattern.

The wall covering will also have a great impact on the overall feel of the room - choose white walls for a modern minimalist look, patterned or textured wallpaper will bring character to the room or large expanses of mirror to accentuate the feeling of light and space in the room. In a smaller space, or simply for a sense of contrast, it is possible to combine several wall coverings - a feature wall that is painted in a deep blue or slate grey, or that is adorned with a stunning painted wallpaper.

Soft furnishings and fabrics will bring a softness to the room, as a dining room naturally has a slightly utilitarian feel with its clean lines and sense of symmetry. Add fabric to the dining room through upholstered chairs, drapery at the windows or even a beautiful rug underneath the dining table. These textiles can be mirrored in the accessories and small decorative elements that are added to the room as finishing touches.


Finding an Interior Designer for a Luxury Dining Room

Working with an interior designer to create a beautiful and luxurious dining room will result in a room that combines their expertise with your personal preferences. A designer brings their knowledge, previous experience and eye for design to every project, which can be a great help in designing a space that is used and enjoyed for both dining and entertaining.

Choosing the right interior designer will start with browsing through a number of designer’s previous work. By doing plenty of research, and by seeing many designer’s portfolios you will begin to get a true sense of your personal taste, as well as a good understanding of which designers work you prefer. Make contact with each designer who has created spaces that you feel are luxurious and elegant - discuss your vision, and your budget, with each designer and make your final decision based on the results of these conversations.

An interior designer will be able to make suggestions that you may not previously have considered. A designer may envision a daring colour scheme, an unusual material for the floor or an unconventional yet inspired layout - only by working with an interior designer will you be able to fully understand all of the options for your dining room.

With a book of contacts and a broad knowledge of designers and brands that may be relevant for your project, an interior designer will help to select all of the pieces in the room - from large, statement pieces right down to the accessories that will make your new dining room a personal and luxurious space.