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Interior design is essential to creating a home office where you will feel comfortable and productive, and these top interior designers have shared their inspiration and ideas for creating practical and energising spaces. From finding the right desk to suitable lighting and bespoke storage options, to adding a comfortable chair and the right decorative accessories to add your personal touch, these inspiring spaces will make working from home a joy.

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Home Office Design Tips

Whether your home office has a dedicated space, in a separate room or forms part of your living space, it is possible to create a stylish space that is a world apart from a corporate office. Designs range from cool, crisp and contemporary to dark and atmospheric, which can be created through the choice of materials, colour and textures.

For a light, bright and contemporary office work with a minimal palette - white walls, high-shine metals and glass furniture. Choose a show-stopping all glass desk that is the ultimate in contemporary design, which can be combined with a metal cantilevered chair.

For a softer look, take inspiration from Scandinavian design that uses the same light colours but softens the look with pieces made in solid wood, with a natural finish, that bring an organic warmth to the room. For a luxury home office with a more dramatic look, choose a dark colour palette and luxurious materials such as dark stained wood, marble and leather. Wooden panels on the wall will create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which can be carried through into the furniture selecting generous leather seats and low lighting.

Luxury Home Office Materials 

The floor and wall coverings in the home office must be both practical and stylish, for which there are many options. Painted walls are timeless and chic, in light, bright or rich tones. Wallpaper can introduce pattern and detail to a room, and creates a personal and individual look. A wallpaper can become the focal point in an otherwise minimal room, or for a more eclectic look combine different patterns and textures throughout.

A wooden floor is hard wearing and beautiful, and comes in several styles - from traditional floorboards that have a rustic charm to a luxurious parquet floor. A wooden floor has the advantage of being stained from light to dark to give a different feel to the room, and by using rugs it is possible to add warmth and texture as well as demarcating separate areas within the same room.

The colour palette for a luxury home office tends to be muted to aid focus, but it needn’t be white. Greys and beiges are a beautiful alternative to white, and they feel contemporary and chic. A richer, darker colour palette can also be a beautiful choice for an office, bringing a sense of luxury to the room. Combining light and dark elements in one room is another option - for example, a length of wall that features floor-to-ceiling cupboard doors in glossy, dark wood become a complementary yet stand-out feature against light walls.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The desk is the centrepiece of the luxury home office, and there are many styles and designs to suit each interior. From a modern take on the traditional writing desk to a minimal or imaginative re-thinking, choose a desk that suits your needs and your space.

A more traditional silhouette will include storage in the form of a small chest of drawers to one or both sides of the desk, and/or a shallow drawer directly underneath the tabletop. Following on from classic designs there are some modern desk designs that have a solid back which creates a solid form that can be pushed against a wall, or displayed as a freestanding piece. There are variations on this design, with some modern desks featuring a curved and split back, and others having a partial back to reveal the table legs for a lighter and more spacious look.

Other bespoke desk designs can have a more simple silhouette that has a more modern appeal - a wood or metal frame can be topped with glass, wood or metal. Choose a desk that is the right size, shape and design and that has enough storage to meet your needs. However, if a simple table with a minimal look appeals, then there are many other ways to introduce storage into a home office.

A bookcase, whether a sculptural freestanding piece, or a large unit that continues along the entire length of a wall can provide a great amount of storage that is appropriate for an office space. You can find some luxurious bookcases here.

A sideboard is another piece that perfectly suits the office - this low, long piece has ample storage that makes a minimal, clean and contemporary look possible in a functional and working space such as an office. Sideboards can be paired to create a sleek, long storage solution, whilst also providing a generous surface on which to display objects d’art or a striking design item, such as a lamp.

Home Office Chairs 

Seating is a vital element of a home office, with several seating requirements in one room. Select a luxury office chair that compliments the design of your desk - a contemporary glass desk should be paired with a sleek and modern chair, whereas a more traditional wooden desk will suit a padded, upholstered or button-backed office chair. Seating is also necessary elsewhere in the home office - a sofa provides an informal and relaxed seating solution in the office, as do armchairs which can be placed around a coffee table to create another, separate space within the office. A large table with several chairs will create a meeting room within the home office, which is a practical and useful addition to the home office should the space permit it.

Soft furnishings such as curtains, upholstery and rugs will bring warmth, pattern and texture to the home office. Select durable yet beautiful fabrics that add to the atmosphere of the room. Elements that are unique to the office can add surprising touches of luxury, such as a leather writing pad that is inlaid into the surface of the desk.

Lighting is another consideration that is vital to a successful home office. The natural light in the room will affect the mood, however there are many clever lighting tricks that can greatly increase the sense of light and space in any room. A beautifully designed desk lamp mixes glamour and functionality, a floor lamp has a strong presence in a room, particularly if it has a sculptural form and large proportions. Wall lights are a practical lighting solution, especially in a smaller room, and they provide even lighting across the space, or alternatively can be arranged in order to illuminate a single wall. A minimal pendant lamp is a contemporary focal point for the room, whereas a chandelier will bring an old fashioned decadence.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer is a process that requires research. Look through luxury interior designers portfolios will allow you to see their previous work and to understand their style, which is essential in choosing the right designer for your project. Select an interior designer who has worked on similar projects to your own, and who you think will add value to the redesign of your home office.

An interior designer brings their knowledge, style and previous experience to your project, which can prove to be invaluable as they can suggest layouts, designs and items of furniture that you may not have considered if working without a designer. Bespoke items are very well suited to a home office, bringing customised storage solutions and pieces that make the space more functional and easy to use. An interior designer will be able to create the bespoke elements that will come together to make a luxurious and practical home office.