Rough Luxe Urban Penthouse

by Hartmann Designs

This spectacular apartment has a central London location and is ideally positioned in London’s cultural scene at the South Bank. The views from both levels of the apartment are truly magnificent, taking in initially the hustle and bustle of Waterloo Station and the roundabout at the Imax cinema and then greater London and beyond.

The design statement in this apartment is the spiral staircase as it is the linking element between the 2 levels and is centred on the open plan space of the lower level. It was crucial that when arriving at the lower level one is facing the window wall with a view over London. The staircase is constructed of polished chrome and opaque glass

Living Room

  • 4117
  • 1324
  • 810


  • 1034


  • 2402
  • 735
  • 752
  • 782


  • 1663
  • 867
  • 705


  • 1691
  • 759