Scottish Retreat

by Maurizio Pellizzoni

An eighteenth-century family residence, this property's owners wanted to introduce some Cote D'Azur to their Highlands property.

Consistent floorboards throughout lead the eye through the interior spaces in both the old and new wings, which unifies the property across the various time periods during which it was expanded and changed. Contrasting the old and the new in other aspects of the house, the client rejected polished finishes in favour of more natural wood effects and antique leathers, paring these robust textures with pastels and neutral tones, reminiscent of Mediterranean villas. There is certainly a sense of narrative in this Scottish project.

It may not be a surprise to learn that there is a story behind each piece of furniture. Each piece was salvaged locally or sourced from reclamation yards overseas, and frame the way in which the interior scheme comes together.

Garden & Outdoor

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