The Syon Show Flat

by Base Interior

This two-bedroom apartment is located in an existing 1950's three-storey office building in Isleworth, and is used as a showroom by Base Interior.

Excellent use of natural light is demonstrated, and each window is framed simply and contemporarily. Simplicity is an overarching theme of this project, as the neutral colour palette and clean lines makes for a truly relaxing and restful space.

Final details imbue the project with a luxurious atmosphere. For example, the bespoke, built-in wardrobes were imported from Italy, after being designed by Base Interior designers themselves. Also, a stunning media wall acts as a statement within the living room, the mocha shade drawing the eye.

Dining Room

  • 1660
  • 821


  • 3394


  • 1305

Living Room

  • 5524
  • 756
  • 788
  • 768
  • 778
  • 714
  • 754