The Pearl of Belgravia - Library

by 1508

The Pearl of Belgravia - Library

In this image the living room is visible through a solid wood door frame. The wood that covers the walls and the doors is polished and finished to a high standard, and antique books line the shelves of the book cases on every wall. The vintage feel of the old leather bound books marrys classic with contemporary when placed beside the more modern vases and photographs/frames. A neutral toned, linen look chair with a statement red cushion sits on the left hand side with a leather sofa opposite. The uniquely patterned cushions of the leather sofa add character - you can see dainty pale blue bird patterns embroidered into the cushion's surface. The interior designer has created symmetry here with two modern style vases in the middle shelves of the walls on either side of the door. A more personal touch is added with the photo frames on the bottom shelves. The lamp on the right hand side matches the patterns of the cushion, a china painted aesthetic resonates throughout this design. The shelves feature lights that illuminate the contents. The contents of the shelves throughout this room remain consistent, with books lining the very tops, vases and other fine ornaments in the middle shelves, and personal family photographs or artistic prints lining the bottom shelves. 

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