The Pearl of Belgravia - Living Room

by 1508

The Pearl of Belgravia - Living Room

The living room's interior design is based on a light, fresh colour palette. It has mostly lighter colours combined with darker tones for wooden elements of the room and gold accents. The room is grand with high ceilings and elements are incredibly detailed. Each and every piece placed in this room combines traditional romantic influences with modern contemporary design. For example, the intricately patterned ceiling creates a fine juxtaposition with the brand new dark hardwood floor. On the left a traditional period style framed painting hangs above the fireplace and on the direct opposite wall hangs a contemporary canvas print. The ceiling to floor drapes in neutral pale colour tones match the furnishings of the sofa and the chairs in the foreground. The gold accent colours lace the backs of the cushions, the lights on the walls, the curtain poles and other smaller, finer details of the room. Two large antique vases line the traditional fireplace with pale blue tones that compliment the floor's large feature rug. 

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