The Pearl of Belgravia - Library

by 1508

The Pearl of Belgravia - Library

Here we see the study from the doorway. A highly decorative ceiling adds a grand and detailed effect to the look of the room while a more modern chandelier style headlight brings the room back to modernity. Interestingly, we see a large painting hanging on the left hand side and directly opposite it, a built in wall television. Perhaps one of the more striking features of this room is the ladder for the book shelves on the left of the television - commonly seen in traditional libraries, this adds great character to the study. Here we see the recurrence of the china patterned objects much better - the lamp and cushions by the leather couch, and in the back centre shelf of the bookcase on the wall a collection of antique vases. This room has slightly darker tones, pale wood lines the walls and a contrasting, darker hardwood floor compliments this. Polished to absolute perfection, the hardwood floor's intense tones are broken up with a large modern floor rug, and modern seats placed on the right hand side. A darker blue foot stool sits in the middle of the room. Unlike the living room, this study features modern linen blinds instead of ceiling to floor curtains, and each window has its own window seat, complete with matching china painted style printed cushions. Perfect for getting lost in the books that line the shelves.  


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