The Pearl of Belgravia - Living Room

by 1508

The Pearl of Belgravia - Living Room

The Pearl of Belgravia living room has a stylish mix of the classic with contemporary. The highly decorated ceiling combined with the extravagant chandelier give a romantic feel to the room while the modern sofas on either side of the room bring it into the modern age. Antique vases compliment the classic white fireplace, above it a decadent painting is hung and small lamps line the walls on either side. An antique oval mirror with gold accents sits on the left hand side and matching this are some modern pieces on the centre coffee table. Period features such as the high ceilings are matched with modern fabrics and textures on the furniture. A light and neutral colour palette is used in this room, with a sharp gold accent colour. There is intricate attention to detail in this room, with flower arrangements dotted around the sides and in the centre. The dark wooden floor is broken up with a contemporary grey rug matching the neutral colour tones of the room.

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